Concern over Borderlands 3

Playing as Moze at level 38 on PC and am very conerned about the next couple of missions. I am just about to enter the Cathedral of the Twin Gods in the Great Vault mission . It appears that the immediate level is more of the same and, hopefully, will not be too much of a problem. But after this I understand it is the battle with Troy Calypso. Research implies that the battle with Troy is impossible for solo players, especially like me who is just about an average player. In the past I have always avoided playing co-op as I understand it makes the battle so much more difficult. Are there any tactics for taking on Troy or would it be best to abandon the game now?

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Stay mobile… keep your distance… Dodge the orbs… And don’t get discouraged. Like all boss fights you just need to learn his tells before his high damage moves

Can you provide a link, so we can downvote the hell out of it?


I don’t really know where you picked that up but don’t worry about it. Troy is not that hard. Honestly, I think there’s bosses before Troy that are a little harder than that (namely Killavolt who at one point right after release was quite the pain to fight and on your first playthrough potentially even Graveward, hell even Traunt can be harder than that).

Just make sure your gear is up to your level and your level is up to the mission (if you conclude that you need to grind a little, there’s a good selection of sidequests on the map before the Cathedral of the twin gods, iirc), keep on moving and make sure you keep a little distance from Troy.
He’s basically like an anointed Zealot but not as much of a pain in the ass…


Stop worrying. You’re a Moze. You can jump in your bear anytime, and jump out at full shields.
If the fight seems harsh on foot at level 38, respec your skills in Sanctuary and go full bear.

It’s only hard if you want it to be.

Nope, definitely not. Completed solo on all four characters, starting with Moze at about the same level as you are right now.

As others have said, you can avoid most of the slag ball (or whatever it is) spam by timing your jumps, he signals when he’s going to leap and slam, and there are various 2nd wind targets at different stages.

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+1 to these comments, Troy is very do-able for a solo player (I never play co-op in any game).
Mobility is key. And learning when he becomes invulnerable, so you don’t waste ammo when he can’t be hurt. Both of which are not too difficult to do…

Besides the purple orbs you jump over, he has an attack where he picked up a club of rock (or whatever) and tries to slam it on you. Again, you can see him getting ready for this, and side-stepping out of the way is a simple solution, he does not move very quickly with it so dodging is fine.

Bottom line: You can do it. And if you do happen to get downed the first time, just remember what he did and dodge away the next time.

I too am an average player at best.
I’ve only played Moze too. And I only play solo also, warming to the idea of playing CoOp if I can find the right person/people.
I’m level 57 and on M3. Troy is relatively easy once you get used to his attack patterns .

I think I may understand where the confusion is over Troy’s difficulty. When the game first came out, if you were offline and his orbs hit you it was instant death. I remember nearly rage quitting, then looking online and everyone was talking about how easy Troy was. I wanted to punch something lol. I found out later that both he and Killavolt were bugged.

After the fix Troy is not too bad. Just keep moving around shooting and he should drop.


Don’t worry it’s not really difficult just move

you can even kill troy before just by jumping out of the water.

lol good times.

who told u troy is impossible solo?

is this a troll? normal mode troy? IB will rekt him so ez

Like bgnogan said, in the beginning towards the game’s release Troy had a glitch where his orbs did 10x the damage he was supposed to. 1 hit orb even at max shields meant FFYL. The trick back then was to quit to main menu to restart the battle.
The Op was probably looking at outdated strategy links.