Concern regarding Homeworld Collectors Edition and Amazon

On Amazon, the release date for the CE is February 25th.

For essentially everyone who’s commented on the matter and pre-ordered one, the actual delivery estimates (when they can be found) are way out in March. For myself, that estimate is March 25th, a full month after release, using two-day shipping*, which normally guarantees release-date delivery.

My questions are:

  • Is this something Gearbox can look in to?
  • Does Amazon not have the actual CE boxes yet?
  • Will they have them in time to ship them out, on or before the 25th of February?

Talking to Amazon is like talking to a wall, on this subject. The people we can reach as a customer do not know anything that is helpful.

*I’m in the US, ordering from Amazon US. There is no international shipping taking place.

amazon have had their supply for months now. there is nothing to do on gbx’s part.

A related question, are the CE steam keys going to be anything special? Will there be an ingame title or anything associated with them? Because if not, one could conceivably get the steam version and then send the keys in their CE box to a friend.

My Amazon UK order (and shipping to the UK) is showing as estimated delivery on the 25th of Feb.

Seems odd that the US version, which had it up much earlier, still has no sensible dates.

If you have an order in with Amazon for the CE, I’d expect the order status to update some time this week, if not early next week on your delivery date.

We’re working with Amazon to get these delivered to customers by February 25 for those who selected an expedited shipping method.