Concerned about VIP Season 1

I’m concerned about this, as I am not able to get 8 rewards to get the Legendary. I’ve seen Bahroo with over a million points, but I don’t have any friends to boost my points, so i can only afford one right now. I’m afraid that the fact that I can’t push my code off on friends to get extra points will mean that I’m not able to get the weapon, as point intake for me is extremely low given that I have to rely on what Gearbox decides to release to get points.


Well, you should have three weapons from Weaponizer before the launch, maybe even four, so it’s half way. One slot from pre-order, that means you will only need 3 to get the legendary gun in BL3. There is still alot of time until game release, and there will be a couple events until then = alot of points.
Yes, the rewards are expensive, especially the skin and head combo, but based on numbers of codes and other activities around E3, you should still be able to claim this Maliwan legendary without any major effort.

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And remember that you should be able to obtain the legendary normally in-game once it releases. I don’t see anything that indicates this gun is exclusive to the VIP program, it’s much like the gearbox starter guns. Something to help you at the start of the game.

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That’s actually pretty comforting. I was looking at how many points I’ve gotten since the program started, and without a media platform to get points off of other people, it seemed pretty bleak. If I’m going to get half of those for free, and my preorder also gives me one, then things will be much more manageable. Especially if they increase the ways to get points along the way.

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This is just season one, I assume there will be more points to get next month.

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I have around 16k points without inviting bonus. I think it’s a good number three months before launch.

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…and now I’m worried again.

I’ve done everything on the Activities page. The only things I haven’t done are link a Twitch account (I don’t have one, and wouldn’t use it if I got it), and check Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter every week. Everything else is done, and I’ve spent no points. You know how many points I have? Just over 5k. That’s it. I realize I’m missing some points, but somehow I don’t think linking a Twitch account and checking the social media platforms each week would have gotten me an extra 11k points.

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Since when you are a VIP? I’m since Apr 3rd and there was alot of activities like watching trailers etc. Maybe if you’ve joined later not all activities were available to you.
Did you used all the codes? There was plenty of them, especially in last 2-3 days.

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I’ve been a VIP for a couple of months now. I’ve watched all the videos, and read all the articles. Literally the only thing that I haven’t done is link a Twitch account, and check Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter each week, as they were only worth about 300 points a week. I haven’t redeemed more than about 2 codes, as I haven’t seen any others, and the last one I tried had expired. Is all that actually worth 11k points?

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Check it yourself. Here is a full list.


I’ve used all the creator codes they allow for this period. “limit 4 per event. Available in 19 days” is what it says.
There will be more points to gather in season two.

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Keep in mind the legendary will spawn at your game level. Personally I don’t want this weapon right away, since you’ll out-level it really fast.

Yeah, I haven’t redeemed my free Weapon Randomizer weapon because I am still leveling. I want to wait until I hit 80 (not sure if I’m going to do OP levels yet) before I get anything. Though I will redeem it even if I haven’t hit 80 if I’m still leveling when the next season is announced.

Don’t wait too long. The season one weaponizer may only be available in season one, which ends in 15 days.

I had 15150 but spent 4000 on Norfleet still have 11150 + a Torrent SMG from Weaponizer. I’m not looking to invite friends and I will still be able to do 8 for the BL3 weapon. :wink:

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Some think that the weapon is not VIP only and can be obtained in the game, but what about the skins? do you think so too? After all, there isn"t any info they will be VIP exclusive either. I have 11 850 pts but i already purchased the skin for amara as i want to start with her. But for weapon i only got 2, one roll of the weaponizer and the weapon for the game preorder, i’m a bit worryied there, i’d love too get my hands on the maliwan legendary, i just love maliwan. How much points do you think wee will need to get everything, or maybe we won’t be able to get it all and need to choose?