Concerning BL2 and the fight for Sanctuary

{no spoilers}

I bought myself a PS4 Pro so I can play BL3, but I also bought it to play Commander Lillith & The Fight for Sanctuary because I am a Linux kind of guy, and I truly believe that Aspyr has dropped the ball and I will never see these games/DLCs for Linux.

Concerning the Fight for Sanctuary, as briefly as I can say… I SUCK!!!

However, since my gaming skills after my stroke in 2011, my gaming skills have gotten really bad, but over the years, I forgot that the only way I can do anything resembling good is because I play these games over and over again and I become good. But, in general, I always suck at first, and after hours of playing I become good enough.

The above-named DLC is really pretty good, even though I always kick myself for after errors on my part.

That is why I ALWAYS play alone, so no one can see how bad I really am. I have two character ckasses with over $99,999,999; the Siren and the Gunzerker. That is because these characters are over-powered every other character is… well… kind of poor having only $25,000,000 to $50,000,000, except for Krieg, he is an accident waiting to happen, but he is kind of fun.

Nevertheless, I play, I die, respawn, and continue.

Such is my life, but I always have fun!


If you’re having fun that’s all that counts.

Part fo the reason why I never play co-op is to keep having fun, and not let any competitive I’m better than him, I’m worse than her creep into my gameplay.

I’m just having fun too, and lots of it.

And yeah, Lilith’s DLC can be a bit challenging :slight_smile:


Tip: when you hit the quest “Cost of Progress”, go all the way down to the bottom of the first staircase to pick up a side quest - the reward from that will help get you through a lot of fights in the game.