Concerning me and the PS4

OK, this really doesn’t belong here, but this is the closest I can get here.

I am a Linux guy since 1995, I played BL2 on Steam w/ Linux. I played Borderlands 1 on Steam with WINE.

In my opinion, BL3 is probably NOT going to run on Steam w/ Linux, so I bought a PS4-PRO, and another monitor, and the Super Deluxe version of BL3, IN CASH spending about $700.00, because I have the money.

Now, since on my PC, I use mouse and keyboard, with about 1000 hours on BL1 and 6500 hours on BL2, I am a mouse and keyboard MASTER!!!

Then I also bought, for the PS4, the BL1 GOTY edition and The handsome collection. And I cannot really get the hang of the controller.


For some reason, I can use the controller effectively on BL3.

Go figure!

Of course, I understand that since all I know about BL3 is via the controller, I am better with BL3 that with BL1 and BL2. But it is still a little weird!

It’s probably the difference in the default controller settings between BL3 and earlier games. In BL2 and BL1 remaster you should be able to adjust the look sensitivity (horizontal and vertical). If you find you’re constantly over-shooting your target when aiming, reduce the settings; if you find the controls sluggish, increase them. I generally run the look sensitivity higher than default in BL2, and close to default in BL3.