Concerning Microtransactions

Who else here is concerned, now knowing trinkets, weapon skins and echo skins(coughFALLOUTDIDTHATWITHTHEPIPBOYSKINSONCREATIONCLUBcough) that there will be some currently that will rarely drop but is also able to be purchased with money?

I would not put this past Take 2.

My problem with this is not the microtransactions. My problem is the fact that if they do this, there is way less incentive to do quest that reward you with this same things.

What if they lock loot behind money? They already have a mod that increases drops with the preorder…

Not a good sign. leave my game alone!

Nothing is sacred. I mean do you really see the character so often? No but it’s the principal of the thing.

Edit: I’m fully aware such an artifact existed before to alter drop rates

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