Concerning My Issues with Agonizer 9000 {aka Pain and Terror {aka Penn and Teller}}

1: had a stroke and am brain damaged
2: I am running twelve characters

Most characters are able to kill this beast easily, other characters not so, so I jump to The Handsome Jackpot DLC, get a few levels and DESTROY this beast.

Problem is those characters who have to get a few more levels are “overpowered” and this affects every mission for those characters after that.

BL1, BL2 for normal/tvhm/playthrought1/playthrough2 were different. OK, I accept that as a fact of BL3, but I don’t need to like it.

When I go through TVHM/playthrough2, will this work out for all of my characters?

{PS: in playthrough2/tvhm, I will only have a total of four characters}

Thank you for your time, and have a good game!

I believe TVHM invariably scales to your level, so you aren’t able to get past a boss you’re having difficulty with by outleveling it.

BL2 had a similar issue. If you overleveled in DLC, the base game got way too easy in NVHM. Same can happen if you do every side quest as you go along. Just blast through the main story missions and you will be back on level with the areas soon enough.

Once you complete the NVHM story you can go into Mayhem mode and that will scale both modes to your character.

Concerning the “Mayhem Level Stuff”

BUT, since I am, in general, a {butthole} to myself, I have a tendency to make thing s hard for me {go figure!}, So I will, as usual, play on TVHM/Playthrough2/whatever to torture myself as cruelly as possible.

I am told that it builds character!

OH… I remember that!
In normal mode, after those Skrakk were killed and you had to kill the Spycho, I was single-killing every other nastie Soooooo easily. Goliath Bang dead, Nomad bang dead The dreaded Spycho was also a push-over

If you’re looking for torture, crank the mayhem up as high as you can for that TVHM playthrough. You can turn it on as soon as you start up on that game mode.

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To add to what @renfried said about Mayhem, now is the perfect time to try it! The modifiers are a lot more user friendly for this weeks event.

Weapons dropped in Mayhem levels will be stronger than ones not in Mayhem mode. So you can “level up” your weapons, so to speak. A Mayhem 6 weapon will have a higher damage value than a Mayhem 3 weapon.

The best thing about it is that if you don’t like it, you can turn it off :wink:

Yea, the game seems the most balanced between m4 and m8. Unless you enjoy min/maxing at m10. Which is really not that hard to do. There’s a lot of different builds and styles that work.