Concerning seraph crystals

In what mode do you have to be to acquire the seraph crystals? I played through normal mode and didn’t get any from either pyro Pete or the others. And in TVHM I got only 3 but from tiny Tina’s slot machine. I’m cunfused as to why I’m not getting any crystals.

You can only get them from raid bosses in UVHM.

Oh alright thanks

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You could get enough in TVHM to buy something fun if you spent the rest of your life farming Eridium and burning that off through Tina’s slot machines.

If you’re interested in a specific piece of Seraph gear, I can get you one at level 50, depending. I have crystals, but no use for them other than to get points for the Shady Dealings challenge (so I don’t care what I spend them on). Are you on Steam?

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Agree, you would have thought the devs would have at least made the payout 10, instead of 3, considering how poor the odds are of hitting that payout

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I don’t have a live stream but plan to make one. And that’s very thoughtful of you adabiviak, which web stream should I make?

In Borderlands 2? Whatever you enjoy. If you’re looking for a suggestion, grab a set of sketchy gear, (no Pimpernel, DPUH, Norfleet, Sandhawk, etc.), pick your favorite available side mission or other quest, and take that loadout for a spin in the field. When you get there, do something you’ve never done in that section before.

Alternately, try some King of the Hill on the shore of Lake Shining Horizons (under the bridge to Overlook in the Highlands). From the nearby Fast Travel, sprint down to the little deck with a couple of ammo crates beneath the support piers of the bridge. Stir up as many Threshers as you can on the way down, but don’t engage them. When you get to that platform, fight off all the Threshers without getting pulled or knocked off until they’re all gone: you have to remain on the platform the entire time. If you haven’t done that before, bring your best gear: there’s very little cover, and the Threshers will be swarming you.

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