Concerning the {bad-word} Krieg's Fustercluck

Unless I misunderstand, I have a problem with this DLC.

Apparently it requires 2 or more players, but I only “play with myself”.

So… what’s up with that?

You can play it solo.

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You can indeed play it solo, I have done twice.

If you did it twice, solo, does that count as co-op? :thinking:

Only if both runs were at the same time.

@kevinbenko: if you’re referring to the crew challenges, I’ve only completed them on two of the maps so far. They are doable solo, but it takes the right gear and some practice/attention to detail. The final one on Sapphire’s Run was a real pain.

Aside from the challenges, there wasn’t anything that I felt the need of a second player for. It would have been faster, for sure, but sometimes I just like to stop and listen to the echoes…

Really? For me all of them were easy. I was using Buttplug so not a really great choice for multiple targets.

Kept over-running on the platforms and dying, or jumping to the wrong one and not being able to hit the target (either because it was hidden or because of the random movement of the platform itself). And then there was one I couldn’t figure out exactly where it went the first few times. I did get it after a few tries, but not without a couple of loud exclamations.

Thanks Y’all (I am allowed to use the term “Y’all” because I lived in Tennessee for three years)
I just got a bit “twitchy” when it read it was 2-4 players…

I done them all with a purple Dahl SMG, good accuracy, fire rate and low recoil really seemed to shine for me.

Just did the last map challenges. There, the only real issue is that the game plants fake targets on the walls, so you have to memorize the locations for when the trails vanish. I’ve used a scoped SMG, scoped Hornet, as well as a Carrier and a Lyuda at various times. But, challenge completed solo.

are people doing crew challenge with flakker or what is a damn fuss about it :smiley: it is not guardian take down crystals

Did all the crew challenges. They’re pretty easy. Just make sure to bring a weapon that has good long range accuracy and pay attention to where the lights go. On the later ones it spawns fakes to throw you off. However the real lights will briefly have a faint tail on them when they disperse.

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