Concerning TVHM Mission Rewards

I’m getting ready to start TVHM wondering if there are any mission rewards that I should wait until lvl 50 scaling post-Warrior to accept. I’ll be using Axton, in case that influences the answer.

Slagga would be the obvious choice. Fibber if you’re inclined. Hail, Heartbreaker, Lady Fist, Rubi. That’s about it unless you want to get into DLCs — and you probably shouldn’t.

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Nah, base game is fine, thank you. I wouldn’t go into the DLC’s until I after the Warrior anyway.
Thanks for the info.

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Just realized the Slagga isn’t a quest reward :man_facepalming:

Ah well, still recommended.

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Yeah I noticed that when I looked it up lol. Still wrote it down anyway.

Although, do I need to side with the Zafords to be able to farm Tector & Jimbo?

Correct you are. It’s very quick to farm since you can spawn right at the Lynchwood transition.

Oh yeah that’s right. Neat. Thanks for the tip because I likely would have forgotten about that.

Basically there aren’t a lot of mission rewards to wait for, cause most weapons are quickly outclassed a few levels into UVHM.

The Rubi is an exception and the Slagga has this wonderful 3 bullets per shot paired with an okay slagging rate, so it can definitely be used to paint targets purple for a while.

The Heartbreaker is good against Bullymongs, since those only spawn in non-elemental and corrosive.

Though for, as not exactly talented player, the main aim is to reach UVHM as close to level 50 as possible, so I avoid sidequests that put my level too far above :man_shrugging:

this will help you out


With Krieg, you can get away with being a bit higher if you are Mania Krieg at least.