Concerning TVHM/Playthrough 2/NOT Mayhem levels

About my impending “finishing the game” event.
First, I will EVENTUALLY do Mayhem levels, but not so soon.

After the first playthrough, I will have things I know about. Echo logs, new vehicle parts, and stuff like that. Will I have to find/get/acquire these things during the subsequent playthroughs? Will I have to find all the cool vehicle parts after I found these things again?

Just wondering.

Thank you for your help, and have a good game!

Vehicle parts you unlock on normal will be available in tvhm. Echo logs are still collectable, though if you found them in normal any achievement will already be unlocked.

Any of the crew challenges you did in NVHM will not reset (typhon logs, claptrap parts, hammerlock hunts, zero targets, etc). So you can complete these in either TVHM or NVHM and it won’t matter.

Any cosmetics and vehicle parts will also carry over into TVHM.

TVHM basically only resets story, side, and dlc missions.

Thank you “renfried”!

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