Concerning TVHM/playthrough 2 on BL3 and Mayhem levels

Someone had mentioned, on one of several questions I had, that BL3 TVHM equivalent is different from TVHM in BL2 , and also different to playthrough 2 in BL1.

How so?

I really want to play TVHM on BL3, for completeness purposes. But now I wonder.

And what’s the deal with mayhem levels? (yes, I am really asking this question)

I dislike spoilers until I go through the game entirely, then I look back and see all the things I have missed.

So, can someone give me a brief rundown on the mayhem levels?
In other words “Mayhem levels, what’s up with that?”

Thank you for your help, and have a good game!

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When you play through the game Tannis gives you the ability to unlock Mayhem mode, which is over by Maurice on the 3rd floor of Sanctuary (across from Tannis’ lab)

When you open Mayhem mode, you will have a choice if 10 different levels, which get progressively harder. In the Mayhem menu, there are modifiers on the right side if the menu, which change with each Mayhem level. You can also hit “X” and the modifiers change, so you can choose which ones you want.

That’s pretty much it.

TVHM is, IMO, a way to hit level cap faster. Other than that, not much is seemingly changed. There might be hidden drop rate bonuses for completing more objectives and quests (or atleast I’d like to think that).
The way I play is start a new game, plow through the campaign and ONLY the campaign, beat it, start TVHM to do the map location objectives and side quests. And the DLCS. This method is the fastest 1-60 in my experience.
As for mayhem, 1-10 levels of varying difficulty and modifiers that add stuff to enemies as well as bonuses for you, like drop rates and such. Typically I would start at mayhem 6 and get mayhem level 6 gear before making the jump to 10. 10 can get pretty wild if you don’t have mayhem scaled gear.

Also to be clear, once you turn on Mayhem levels, there is no difference between normal mode and TVHM in terms of EXP, difficulty, or loot drop rates.

I only play Moze on normal mode, Mayhem 10, because I cannot be bothered to run through the story once more at this point. It plays the same.

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Like @tysonyar said, there’s no difference between TVHM and NVHM with Mayhem turned on. Even at Mayhem 1 they are identical in every way. The only reason to do TVHM is to get mission rewards on level, but a lot of those are now included in Earl’s Veterans Reward Machine.

That said, other than mission rewards that aren’t in the vendor, the only reason to do TVHM is the ability to replay the story if you so choose, and to replay the DLC since you can reset them over and over.