Concerning Zane's Dialog/monologue/Whatever

I have been playing Zane for a short while, and I LOVE Zane’s dialog/monologue/whatever.

Especially after his first experience after the “drop pod”
“That was the worst thing, ever. LET’S DO IT AGAIN!!!”

For that reason, I think, while certainly not the strongest character, he is, in my opinion, the most enjoyable.


There is a certain com for zane that makes him really really good it’s from the new dlc don’t know it by name though sorry will help make him feel good as well as a good to play and listen too

His digiclone lines are my favourite.

It’s called seeing dead

But yeah Zane by a long way has the best dialogue by far, the interaction he has with Ember is hilarious (i’ll keep it spolier free)

There is one idle thing fl4k says that hands down beats most of zanes comments it’s about the meaning of life it was freaking hilarious lol something like while I sit here I might as well ponder the meaning of life around 2 seconds later huh that’s it makes sense lol

:joy: Fl4k does have his moments, he is more socially awkward funny

I just love how even today we have no idea fl4k 2 seconds boom meaning of life figured out and even better it’s no big deal to him and makes sense lol

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Fl4k = the meaning of life ? “completed it”

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Completely agreed. Zane was my first choice, and I really loved all of his dialogue.

I haven’t had as much time with the others yet, but I’d say Zane > FL4K > Moze > Amara in terms of how good I find their interactions.

I have all 4 VH’s maxed and your order is spot on, and I’m an Amara main :confused: I got 1 laugh of her but it was from one of her echo logs, she’s all fighting talk no humour whatsoever

I found amara funnier than moze not by much the death wish response from amara is so cute and funny oh oh also me lol and the last claptrap dance quest her respond to him is priceless lol

I find Amara to be excruciatingly annoying to listen to. Her dialog is mindless narcissism. She sounds like a typical high school jock who just thinks they are “all that and a bag of chips” as the old saying goes. I would almost rather listen to Ava.


No one would rather listen to ava

Best mission in the game :joy: I was up of the chair dancing to that music myself and the one at the end with the 2 robots sparrow and grouse, that tune will always stay in my mind, just talking about now makes me wanna dance like its the 90’s all over again

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At least Ava can use her age to excuse her irritating character. Amara has no excuse. She’s just meant to be a dull narcissist with less character development and appeal than Microsoft’s Clippy.

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Amara’s a bit of an egomaniac. But this is what happens when you can pretty much faceroll everything in the universe.

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And yet every other vault hunter can do the same without being a total ■■■■ about it. There’s nothing at all likeable about her character.

I love it when you spawn into the TD and he says “oh a great vault hunter! And also you’re here!” Lol

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