Concerns about the current mechanics

Okay, here’s another topic where i rant about annoying issues i’m having with the game. I highly doubt this will get noticed and thought over (Like most of my other topics and especially because the only thing that anybody cares about is majority rules…) but i’ll do it anyway since i really love this game and i hope it gets the treatment it deserves.

First off, my absolute BIGGEST concern is minions and non-player purchased turrets stealing kills. So far between yesterday and today i’ve had at least 20 player kills stolen from me by the AI and only recieving assists. This is ridiculous. I would play as Attikus (Because i’m trying to master him. He’s almost there.) and i would absolutely pummel an enemy with EVERYTHING i have. Hedronic Arc, Pounce, and even Hedronic Eruption if i’m desprate. All just to get an assist because a Gunbot got in that 1 lucky shot that just so happened to deal the finishing blow. Why? Why is this even a thing?
The Sentries in Incursion and the Base Defense Turrets in Meltdown both also have this dumb priority issue where they steal a kill from a player who did more damage to the target. I would understand if they did more damage than any player, but that usually isn’t the case.
Sometimes players WILL still get the kill even though an AI dealt the final blow, but it seems to be completely random and it’s annoying as hell.
What i propose is that players should still get the kill on an enemy player if they out-damage the AI would dealt the last hit. It’s obsurd to get an assist from an AI minion or turret and should be programmed to give priority of the kill to players.

Now, my second issue is the damage the AI themselves deal. Similar to my “Where did the Shepard bots go?” topic, i’ve noticed the damage dealt by AI minions and Outcast Thrall Brutes was signifigantly increased since the last update. Now, unless i’m super tanky, able to hit everything at once within a short period, or a ranged character – my health bar depletes faster than Rath’s Dreadwind ever could. Why was this never mentioned? I understand that the Outcast Thrall Brutes dealt virtually no damage beforehand, but the increase is ridiculous. Im lucky to escape with half my life bar nowadays. I’d appreciate it if things like this are mentioned, but more importantly; the damage they now deal needs to be toned down. Specifically the Gunbots, Shepard bots, and Outcast Thrall Brutes.
On a side note, the first sentry’s Tower Blast needs to be toned down as well. Not only is it WAAAY too frequent, but it deals too much damage for how often it shoots. I understand that it’s mean’t to stop players from getting super aggresive, but it’s way too accurate and fast for it’s damage output.

Third, even though i mentioned this before i’ll say it again for the 3rd freaking time. Get rid of the ability to purchase turrets at the enemy’s base after their first sentry has been destroyed. 65% of my lost games are due to this unfair BS. Once they buy the Thumper, Supply Station, and Accelerator it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to get them out. I’m EXTREMELY glad they put the barrier to protect the second sentry, but that spot is still a game breaking issue due to the ability to buy an enemy’s own base defenses. The biggest reason is because of the Thumper’s ability to apply slow. That combined with the Accelerator’s slow debuff and the constant regen of the Supply Station is the sole reason why people lose their games of Incursion.
Another thing is that when the first sentry goes down, every buildable goes down with it. Why is this also a thing!? It’s ridiculous how much more of Incursion needs to be fixed before it’s completely balanced

Finally, my last concern. The knockback on the quick-melee needs to be reduced SIGNIFIGANTLY. Literally this whole day i’ve been playing nothing but melee characters (Attikus and Shane & Aurox.) and whenever im slashing and punching someone, i get quick-melee’d like 50 feet away. Once that happens, they start shooting and the moment i get close i get quick-melee’d again. This happens over and over until either i die, or one of their buddies shows up and im forced to retreat. This is annoying as hell.
I know that quick-melee is mean’t to push back enemies attempting to box you in, but for melee characters it’s not fair how far the get knocked back given their primary attacks. There was a time where i played as El Dragón and i was capturing the middle Thralls on Overgrowth. As soon as i was capturing the point, Miko ran up and quick-melee’d me so hard i flew off the edge of map as if i got hit by a Montana Lumberjack Dash or Boldur’s BoldurDash.
Even when i use my skills they knock me back the instant they recover. I also shouldn’t have to rely on using the “Wolfskin” legendary gear item just to try and even the odds. This is something that definitely should be fixed soon.

EDIT: Screw it, i know i have more to say.
This is probably the most biggest concerned i have about this game since release aside from the ungodly low legendary drop rates. And that’s the slow debuff.
Slow has to be the most overpowered status effect in the entire game. Nearly every single character in the game applies slow, 2 of the most important buildables applies slow, and a variety of legendary gear apply slow.
Slow is also effective depending on what applies it. Miko, Marquis, Thorn, Thumper turrets, and Accelerator turrets apply the strongest slow in the game. Why? It makes it impossible for any character to escape without using a skill. If they miss, then they die. Slow also effects jump height. So characters like Caldarius, Benedict, Mellka become severally handicapped until it’s gone (If they even managed to survive.) And let not forget how Slow also reveals invisible targets due to the swirling blue lines around the victims body.
Slow needs to be severly limited and should be removed ENTIRELY from Thumper Turrets.
I’ve also seen players sprint at full speed while slowed. Usually with Oscar Mike, Thorn, or Mellka. I don’t know if theyre hacking, but Slow needs to be fixed ASAP. Its way too overpowered.

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If you build the turret, and the turret gets the final hit on a player, you get the kill. Just more incentive for purchasing buildables.

I noticed this as well, and Im getting pretty tired of all the stealth changes. They have changed A LOT of things without them putting it into the patch notes/battleplan. Most of this stuff doesnt really effect anything, such as the the new sound when landing a crit, but the damage buffs to Thrall was a BIG damage buff.

Most characters cannot solo double thrall when they first pop up now. I guess its a good change since the power level of thralls has gone up quite a bit, but they still need note the changes.

The sentry is WAY more aggressive now. Im glad they made this change to help with backdooring, but you cant even peek around the corner without the sentry lining up his death laser on you.

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Oh, so I wasn’t just imagining things. I was pretty surprised to see the sheer amount of damage the bloody sentry did to me, but I couldn’t remember if it was that damaging; or rather, that aggressively focused on one BB at a time. Quite liking that change myself, but I need to get used to it and not push my luck any more.

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Holy heck no.

Sounds awful. No thanks.

getting rid of buying enemy stuff in incursion

That one makes a lot of sense

Well with the majority wants something then yeah it gets changed game does revovles around your opinion not a good start to your thread.

Issues you brought up i believe if a minion gets the kill who ever did the most damage gets the kill and if a turrent does it its whoever built the turrent.

Damage the al deal havent had a problem with i didnt even know it was increased.(i play mainly meltdown though)

Building turrent when the first bot goes down is a pain and something people have asked for since the open beta i font know why its not been changed.

Slow isnt the most powerful stun is. Most havve slows on skills which last like 3 seconds not a big deal. Only time slows are even a problem is reyna.
Slow on turrents is the only thing this stops people spawn rushing no it should stay

Not worth my time. Glad the folks running the game feel differently.