Concordia Golden Key Chest Problem

Is there a secret handshake for the golden key chest in Concordia? I have a collection of gold keys from shift codes built up having never used any, but when I try to use one on the chest it says I can’t afford to open the chest and the key total on the right side says zero.

Go to the Shifty Sheldon kiosk (45° to your right if you’re looking at the golden chest), and make sure you actually redeemed the golden key vouchers that you received through Shift. I’ll bet you a pizza and Coke you’ve got a ton sitting in there.


You were absolutely correct, I didn’t even know you had to do that to get the keys and am now sat on 56 of them. Thanks for the tip, enjoy your pizza and coke!

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HOLY CRAP! PIZZA PARTY!!! wait a minute… this pizza ISN"T EVEN REAL!!! Nobody Lies to ME ABOUT PIZZA!!! NOBODY!!!


The pizza is a lie.