Conference call pellet count

Which conference call is best as far as pellet count ? I have one with 5 and one with 7 pellets.

pellet count is static, the only thing that changes it is the foregrip, so 7 is the highest

Most pellets would be the Practicable (vertical grip) prefix. Unless you mean something else by "best’.


Have a restructuring that’s 213687x5 damage and practicable that’s 213687x7 damage, just wondered which one was best with the bee or without

pellet count dosent matter for the bee because, for weapons that have the pellets listed on the card, the amp damage is devided evenly among the pellets.

Ok thanks just not seen a 5 pellet count one before and wondered if it was something special

On the contrary, the 7-pellet one is the special one. “Practicable” is the name given to hyperion shotguns with the “+2 pellets” accessory. Any Hyperion shotgun named Practicable _____ will have 2 more pellets than any other version. This accessory only has about a 1 in 8 chance of appearing, and is very desirable. The 7-pellet one is FAR better.

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Ok thanks now I know, it’s only the 2nd one I’ve been dropped, I’ll keep the x7 and sell the other unless any one wants the x5 ?
It’s op8 by the way

The accessory that increases pellet count is generally the best one for every shotgun in the game. I’m having a hard time thinking about a shotgun that doesn’t benefit from it. That doesn’t necessarily mean the shotties won’t perform well without it (although it’s true in some cases), just that the increased pellet count prefix is usually preferable.

Actually, I believe that the crit damage accessory is usually preferred on at least Jakobs shotguns, especially with multiple barrels. Tightens up their unruly spreads and stacks crit damage on their already nice existing bonuses.

For Hyperion shotguns, Practicable usually edges out Critical, but both are perfectly viable options, especially if you’re using them against huge bosses. General rule: the less pellets it has to begin with, the better Practicable is - the Butcher and Conference Call get +66% and +40% damage bonuses from the extra pellets - a Jakobs Quad with over 16 pellets gets only 12% or so.


Restructuring Is the blade prefix, so that one is meh
Practicable is a great prefix for the CC since it has lower pellet count to begin with (normal shotguns with single barrels have 6 pellets, not 5)

If you’re using the Bee, the prefix is irrelevant, and the x5 might actually be better since the Bee damage will be divided anyway, so a more ACCURATE shotgun will allow you to deliver more damage.

The Grips are what I would base my choice on.

I beg to differ. Most big bore shotguns are actually hurt by that accessory since it lowers accuracy quite a bit. A Jakobs Quad for example will go from 18 to 20 pellets… not a big improvment. But it’s accuracy will take a dip.

At 2 barrels and above, the reload speed, accuracy, critical hit or general boost are almost always better choices than the vertical grip.

The best accessory overall (not always the case, but it’s never “bad”) is the crit accessory.

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Just a quick Q. Can the Ravager crit or would that accessory be useless?

Another Caveat I would add to this is that if you are getting a lot of your damage from bore-like skills, or splash damage (bonus points for both) you are probably better off with the general boost acc, because you won’t get much value out of the crit bonus.

So if you’re using a ravager or the twister on zero or maya, I’d probably go with that over the crit acc. That said, I have no math to back this up, so I might just be blowing smoke

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Yeah, on Torgue Shotties the crit accessory is not that great. I like the general boost on them, but I also like the vertical grip, even on ravagers: They have one less pellet than other brands and since the pellets are so slow, you kinda have to use them from closer anyway, so the lowered accuracy is less of an issue on them.

The accuracy accessory is underrated IMO: It increases fire rate just as much as the vertical grip, but instead of lowering accuracy, it increases it, and instead of increasing damage, it lowers it a bit. That may sound like a bad deal, but it makes some of the most wide-mouth ones much more usable at medium range, and you actually get INCREASED damage because you land more pellets.


Solid answer, thanks.

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Just to be clear: The Ravager CAN crit, but since nearly half of it’s damage output is splash, it gets less out of the crit accessory… but it’s not “useless”

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torgue barrel tediore shotties with accuracy acc confirmed OP?


Haha! yup, totally OP :stuck_out_tongue:
On claptrap in TPS though, they are…for real. The blue ones get a mag size of exactly 8, perfect for OLT.

On bandit shotguns, with just about any barrel, the Accuracy accessory is one of the best: what they lack is accuracy and fire rate, and this gives them both.

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Well, I stand corrected. It seems I didn’t think things through enough before posting.

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