Conference call question

Does anybody know if the confernce call can drop with 250 weapon damage after phasecast anointment

Yes it can.

Are u on ps4

every gun should be able to roll the same anointments

PC. But here’s an example

If you know anyone on ps4 and is willing to trade one that would be awesome ive done 300+ kills on judge Hightower and still haven’t gotten it

Judge Hightower drops it very rarely in my experience. I usually find them quicker from world drops. Found this one in Slaughter Shaft.

edit: what I meant is dropping CC’s at all, not just this anointment. I farmed Hightower for 2-3 hours and he dropped one Conference Call.

if you have facebook just join a (ps4) BL3 group :wink: those are chuckfull of people trading :slight_smile:

i’m on PC otherwise i’d farm you one