Conference call xb1

I’m trying to get the conference call. Borderlands 2. I’m at the warrior and I’ve beat it numerous times and got nothing. Does it still drop the gun?

If i remember correctly the “Hansome Sorcerer” has a higher drop rate and is still pretty easy to kill. I have a shock and corrosive one at op8 if you want them

Farm butt stallion after beating the sorcerer, By far the best way to do it, Make sure you dont save and quit when farming her, You MUST dashboard out

I’ll give you any element cc you want they’re only level 72 tho. If you want them hmu at FrostiBarrel is my GT on xblive

also dont move at all when doing butt stallion as if you move within a certain distance even close by it automatically saves so stand still and farm but its long and boring. Ive done it 3 times now with 500 E each time and never got a leg weapon.

If your farming warrior what you do is beat the warrior but dont press moonshine to kill it, collect everything on ground and then save and quit.
Reload game back in and you will see warrior down still waiting for moonshot so press moonshot let it throw out everything and see what you get, if you dont get what you want dashboard and reload back to warrior down waiting for moonshot.

Warrior does drop leg if you have used moonshot and not saved and your farming but its a lot lower and pointless.