Confession Thread. (Because no one knows you're a dog on the internet)

(in his Violent Holiday Spirits) #2948

For as much as I love vodka, I hate screwdrivers. Wayyyy too acidic.

(Santa Söze) #2949

Yes - so I learned :nauseated_face:

It took me about three years to be able to smell orange juice (much less drink it).

Greyhounds on the other hand…

(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #2950

Milk and orange juice mixed isn’t particularly good, but it’s not so bad i won’t drink it on occasion.

(in his Violent Holiday Spirits) #2951

Yeah, you don’t do pulp. Get it thick enough on the oj till it overrides the natural milk taste and you get creamy orangey giodness.

It’s not blue powerade and mountain dew, but not everything can be baja blast.

(Santa Söze) #2952

Doing the crossword. The clue is: “The Hurt Locker” menace, briefly

I put in IUD (instead of IED) in the down column and couldn’t figure out why the U wasn’t working with my across word.


(Scridation, Leader of Otters, best in Funk's collection) #2953

Those things were dangerous! Full troop withdrawal was a much safer strategy.

(Santa Söze) #2954


Edited out something that I thought better to not get started on…
It involved Trump, Putin and South Korea though.

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #2955

I don’t see why! :roll_eyes:
Next drink’s on me pal.

(in his Violent Holiday Spirits) #2956

I haven’t been reading nearly as much as I used to and I feel bad about it.

(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #2957

I can’t stand the song Feed the World by Band Aid - it’s overdone and I absolutely hate it. If it comes on the radio I either turn it right down or off because of how much it annoys me.

I really miss seeing some of the forum veterans who used to post here almost all the time in some places, I know part of that is my withdrawal from certain threads but even just looking through the overview with the avatars visible, there’s some that I know haven’t changed but never seem to show up anywhere near as much as they used to.

(Scridation, Leader of Otters, best in Funk's collection) #2958

I wouldn’t voluntarily seek them out again, they’re not made for me, and from a technical perspective the filmmaking is awful, but I actually get quite a lot of smiles out of the Madea movies. :grimacing:

([-10h GMT] PS4: Raven-Ghosthawk || Perma-brow Vulcan) #2959

I hate to admit that I’m a little worn on some things. “Dynasty Warriors” and “Samurai Warriors” stuff, particularly. “Seen 'em once, seen 'em all”, it feels like.

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #2960

I feel it totally necessary these days to apologize for being American when speaking to someone of a foriegn country. Didn’t used to be like that for me.

On that note, sorry.

(Scridation, Leader of Otters, best in Funk's collection) #2961

Still not as bad as being British and living in Ireland :laughing:

(in his Violent Holiday Spirits) #2962

On topic - I need to get out of my own head more. Like a lot more.

([-10h GMT] PS4: Raven-Ghosthawk || Perma-brow Vulcan) #2963

That kinda reminded me of this for some reason:

“Oh, Canada…”
– Deadpool, “Deadpool”

(If this offends, then apologies and deletion shall follow.)

2018 is almost over, and I’m kinda glad. It’s been really depressing what with all the death and insanity.

But, at the same time, I also fear 2019 being same-or-worse.

What made you sad today?
(Scridation, Leader of Otters, best in Funk's collection) #2964

It’s not been so bad you know. 2018 saw some amazing activism, loads of women ran for office, Ireland overturned its abortion ban, and the Katy Perry / Taylor Swift feud ended.


And France woke up.

(Scridation, Leader of Otters, best in Funk's collection) #2966

France has always been awake lol, since the 18th century really


We’re talking about the people that voted for an ex-Rothschild banker to solve the massive poberty and inequality issues, right ? France could be considered awake if the top 3 candidates of the 2017 presidential election weren’t a crazy old hag, a bloody scammer, and the embodiment of the establishment itself. :joy: