Confessions of a rage quitter

Spotlight match Hero select: Mellka, miko quick picked. Kelvin selected shortly after. Here’s my chance…be quick, don’t hurry…Boldur. Woodsworn. Eldrid. C’mon… 10 seconds pass. Thorn would work. Alani is always good. 20 seconds left… They pick…
Orendi? Are you ■■■■■■■ kidding?

Orendi is awesome tho ;w;


The lore in Battleborn is wonderful too. Its a shame it hides behind a thousand hoops with no jump pad to pass through. O wait the plug is right there next to you…

Pardon my ignorance, but are you saying you needed an all-Eldrid team for a lore challenge?

If so, did you ask? “Can you please pick an Eldrid, need it for a lore challenge?” Every time I have asked, someone has stepped up, and I try to do the same.


exactly. Why not asking?
When I was asked before we all picked an eldrid. Btw only do thaty if it was a pve mode. In pvp, I disagree on your choice of boldur after the other’s pick to begin with.

Yeah I asked for someone to use pheobe for marquise challenge and got it right away. People can surprise you.

If you gotta ask, it don’t mean nothin’

It means you have the challenge and don’t have to keep trying? Most people just get their friends to help, so…

If I was playing pve and asked others to play anything, id start by asking, “what lore are you working on?” “have you completed woodsworn?” and I’d suggest we all do it together, one band of dwarves…

Do you play on ps4? :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t played in almost two weeks since I was playing obsessively for a month.

Send your pity to nairoi on Xbox live, lore fiends

If you don’t ask, you don’t get to complain when other players don’t read your mind.


Yeah, I can see why you’d be upset that 4 strangers that you didn’t even attempt to communicate with didn’t magically know what you want them to do and obey your telepathic requests.

just happened again, but this time ghalt was the catalyst for my quitting.
replies to retorts:
i disagree with my decision anytime to play boldur:it’s always bad for team
it’s less about consciousness and more about awareness to be in ranked play with 100s, to see 4 eldrid selected(in no random order), and to stray so far from lore implications. especially when your hero selected is already mastered: you’re either unaware of factions and hero lore or blatantly choosing a hero to impede another’s progress.

If you can get a full group together (full party of five) it’s easy enough to complete that lore … the hard part is getting five people together. But it takes less than five minutes (including loading time) to do Saboteur on Hardcore and have everyone simply jump off the first platform. Other lore challenges (the ones that say play w/ a specific battleborn) can be similarly done in splitscreen, but yeah, Boldur’s requires a full group.


Just stop. “Straying from lore implications”. What are you talking about? It’s a box that gets checked. No more, no less.

“Unaware of faction lore”. Again, what am I missing here? Everyone else needs to be aware of all lore requirements for all other characters? So special snowflakes’ needs are met? You know there are characters that I haven’t even clicked on. Should we take a quiz to get paired with you?

All you had to do was ask. I ran the Algorithm yesterday with a few randoms. One was El Dragon.

Me: Hey, do you need the final kill for Lore?
ED: Nope.

Done. And done. Maybe somebody really wanted to play Ghalt. Don’t chalk it up to malicious intent.


If that’s all it is for you, then that’s fine. I’m sorry.
Besides being linked to achievements, lore is the difference between battleborn and every other hero shooter. The time, the thought, the energy put into crafting this world is something I appreciate.
Just yesterday I wondered does character design influence lore or does lore inform character design? An interview with creative lead Scott Kestner(sp?), where he talked about wanting to design have a luchador in the game, leads me to believe the former. But that creative interaction between designers and writers is something to cherish. What do you think?

I don’t disagree at all – the lore is a great aspect to the game – but I also don’t lose sleep over it.

I’m sitting at 3/5 Benedict “play with three other Peacekeepers”. When I play with my usual group, and two UPR get picked, I’ll ask someone to pick a third, and then I pick Benedict. If the match looks to be close, or someone else is playing a new character, I won’t play Bendict at all. I love the character, but I’m not great at him.

Someone picked a fifth that wasn’t an Eldrid, and you chalk this up to unacceptable ignorance or malice.

Regarding ignorance. Some people don’t really care about Lore. Some people are rightly mad at ridiculously dumb lore requirements. Some people view lore as a means to a shiny legendary. Some people are CR 100 on one to five characters and just don’t know about some other characters’ lore requirements. Some people don’t know or care about the intracacies of character design.

Are all these people unworthy of being in the same game as you?

As to malice, there are a myriad of other reasons to explain your Orendi/Ghalt “problem”, with plain old “player desire on who to play” being way, way up there on the list.

What is more malicious? Them not picking in accordance with your desires, or you quitting and making them play 4v5?


I play team games to complement my team. Why do anything if not to go as deep as far as you can get? After the unfortunate series of events documented here in my hero select, my best way of complementing those teams was to quit. Why carry ill feelings, letdown into a match? To transform it into a win? I don’t enjoy the hero boldur past the lore revealed by my playing.

Perhaps the solution is picking 5th. If boldur is selected fourth, I ask, “hey do you have woodsworm?” And pick accordingly.

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