Confirmed - No Guardian Rank fixes until the release of the first DLC

As a surprise to no one…

I’ll just wait a few months to play this game again. Good luck to whoever still has the stomach to deal with this ****

I’m done for now.


Wow just wow… the only thing they pretty much did for this hotfix is amara much need coms fix well I guess am not playing for the next 2 weeks


Kind of amazing to me to see people quit playing this game (even temporarily) for something as minor as a guardian rank bug. Like, do you REALLY need the buffs that much? :slight_smile:


It’s not about whether the GR perks works or not… it’s about FINALLY having a fully functional product without it tearing apart with each new patch…

Some of us still have standards for quality.


Isn’t that sort of like asking if you really need your left testicle? The answer is no, you could do just fine without it, but I’ll bet you’re not willing to give it up, are you?


Not to mention the list of bugs in this game in the thread that got so long they stopped keeping track. People are getting fed up.


ya im really not feeling this game anymore. Not because of the rng (which is garbage sometimes) or the farming/grinding. What im not feeling is how gearbox/2k are handling the customer service and repair of all the broken things in this game. Honestly ive never seen a game with so many bugs in my life. Just today there was another video about how to glitch the brawler shield which is like…the 3rd time gearbox cant fix it. I really think this isnt the same gearbox that made bl1/bl2/tps this is some new team that really has no idea whats going on and could care less if something is broken or not. At any rate im taking a break from this game after hearing they’re delaying the guardian ranks fix. No point in playing a broken game unless you’re amara lol.


What only got me to play less is no dedicated loot and when I play M4 which I can sorta manage solo and I’m NO pro I don’t see dedicated loot I farming for dropping. That my biggest ugh with game at the moment

I’m sure GR and other things turns people away and that’s fine. I’m sorta playing it to see how far I can kill bosses till R-Hex drops. Otherwise when I’m tired I switch to Payday 2. Luckily I brought PD2 bundle dlc on sale on ps4

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My guess is that whatever they broke with GR cannot be fixed via hotfix, and will require a full patch to resolve, which coincidentally won’t happen until the DLC drops. It’s disheartening for sure, and not helping them retain players in an already struggling game, but hopefully in the next couple months we’ll see a much improved game that we can all enjoy.

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Can I have your stuff?

Edit- You don’t have much.


I’m just going to ask that any conversation about what is and isn’t in the latest hotfix be continued - politely but firmly (where necessary) - in the hotfix thread: