Confirmed Retroactive Fix?

Hi was just wondering if Gearbox has ever confirmed that currently owned weapons (a mayhem 10 Maggie for example) will be boosted up to be viable again, or would I have to farm a new one to see the change?

I don’t think they are buffing older weapons per se. I think they are reducing enemy health on M7-10 and probably reducing damage on the really potent weapons.

So if they reduce enemy health 20% or 10000% on M10, that’s essentially a 20% buff to all older weapons.


Currently owned weapons should have their mayhem level visible on the item card after the coming update. Whether the stats on them will be changed I’m not sure, but I don’t think so - it will just be clearer where they fit level wise.


Yup so you will be able to see for certain that the gear you dropped in M10 really was , M0 :wink:

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What is everyone’s prediction for how much they’re going to lower stats on m10? I’m thinking they may drop it down to current m8 level.

The jump for 8 to 10 is a huge difference in terms of damage

I haven’t really seen many numbers thrown around. I have just been running with 10000% at M10 for easy maths lol

They mentioned adjusting underperforming gear in their fine-tuning news post so I think it’ll happen. Many people have complained that older gear is underperforming in higher Mayhem levels. To what degree they will adjust these items is anyone’s guess.

With the upcoming Guardian-themed Takedown, we will lower the health, armor, and shield stat bonuses that enemies receive in the higher levels of Mayhem. We’ll also adjust over- and underperforming gear, so that more gear is viable and balanced with the new lowered stat bonuses found in Mayhem Levels 7 and above. Certain underperforming Anointments will also see a buff with this change.

With all the “jump pad” type demo video we saw, it makes me wonder whether the “gain x% damage while airborne” is getting ready to get both direct buffs (I suspect they will raise the % to something more like 100%) and indirect buffs (a lot of jump pad and low-grav gameplay).

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They will change values for Mayhem 7-10 which is very dumb, cause you don’t have similar spikes in difficulty. They should change boosts on every single Mayhem level.

@GrzesPL And when you are talking about twelve THOUSAND five hundred percent health, armor, and shields at M10, if they adjust it downward an overall 10% (which I guess would be 1250%), will anyone even notice?

I think it will be set to:
M7 - 4000%
M8 - 5000%
M9 - 7500%
M10 - 10000%.

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I guess we’ll see Thursday, but a 20% drop seems like a lot unless they are going to nerf most all of the OP weapons in the game.

I’m sure all M6+ and Cartel guns will be adjusted. Don’t forget that 10000% health boost is still over 4 times higher than dmg boost vs old M4.

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Well I agree, but still - a lot of players are making a complete mockery of M10 with weapons like the OPQ, Plaguebearer, Reflux, etc. I guess we’ll see how “major” the adjustments are.

I don’t know what you’re talking about sir. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I should have said, a lot of players, except @vCarpeDiemv, are making a mockery of M10.


That Plaguebearer spam is insane lol

Yea, im sure they will be adjusting all the popular weapons. But if they do it properly then they should play about the same as before given lower enemy health. I guess we’ll see on Thursday

This seems like the kind of thing you might figure out…I dunno…on a test server? Instead…GB experiments on the live game. smh.


Yes, with Overwatch (there should be more, this is the only other multiplayer PS4/PC game I play) the bugs(most) are all worked out on the PTR first, I thought all games did that now. I guess not but they probably should.

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