Conflux dmg bug?

I play Amara and just hit lvl 39. I just found a cryo Hyperion Shotgun with a alien barrel and Conflux acting a bit strange with this weapon. Usually at this lvl Conflux procs with max 150 dmg per tick (depends on the element) but with this Shotgun that doesn’t even have a dot because it’s cryo procs everytime with 500-700 dmg per tick. Is this a normal behavior from Conflux?

After i restarted BL3 the damage was a bit lower than before but there is still a notice difference here is a video

Cryo is a “status effect”, and therefore it can trigger Conflux, so that’s normal

every hit applying it?

damage being increased?
also questionable

the game is extremely buggy, so, more testing around it to see if it can be recreated/abused might be interesting, though i wouldn’t get too comfortable with things that seem like bugs, if they care enough to actually fix the game, they should hopefully be ironed out
(which, obviously we’re all hopeful that they’ll fix things, but even bl2 still has bugs that have been ignored, so… we’ll have to wait and see what they care about fixing and addressing…)

Meanwhile I’m level 46 and i got another 2 of this shotguns and the dots are very high again but this time i also got one with shock element that shows the weapon dot dmg is pretty high and only the fire dmg procs with high numbers corrosive is very low. At lvl 46 badasses melting in a few seconds with 5000-10000 ticks. If you want to test it yourself, the fastest way to get one of this shotguns is farming vendors. The weapon is called “Host” with different prefixes and always has a alien barrel.

okay well like 10 minutes in and this is already frustrating listening to Wainright repeating himself
even tried the spoiler and still got nothing, after more than i’d of cared to try sifting through

but, okay, so

i tried to test this as best as i could, with Trevernator and Lob, both cryo, to a cryo SMG, everything level 50, no mayhem, pandora’s ratches, no infusion, no class mod, nothing

and… nothing

nothing did more than 150ish or whatever DoTs from corrosive/shock

it must be the Host, specifically, dealing too much damage

i wonder if, maybe, this has something to do with alien barrels dealing more damage than they expected, before?
which is why they hotfix nerfed them after just a few days after release?

though… those were actually on the card
and these are still the only outliers

have you tried this with other alien barrel cryo guns?
i really don’t know what to say about that shock one doing high fire and not corrosive

i’m an idiot, the Lob is an alien barrel

maybe it’s hyperion alien barrels?

ah someone else has found out about host shotguns…i have made afew threads about these shotguns in gen and moze forums…yea there is suppose to be a legendary host shotgun someone reply to one of my posts.

So, I’ve tested again and surprise! Conflux has nothing to do with that dot dmg. “Forceful Expression” did it. I’ve tested it on a vehicle (btw that is atm a alternative dummy target :wink:) and the dot only procs with your action skill element.

So Forceful Expression procs a high dot in combination with a Host shotgun or does it proc that dot with any weapon?

I had some Corrosive Host Shotgun while leveling aswell and it dealt crazy amounts of damage. Nearly used it till level 50, even though it was only level 39 lol

Just an fyi: you can summon a vehicle in Sanctuary near Ellie/Earl. Advantage there is that you don’t get put into the vehicle by summoning it, so it’s faster to resummon.

I just saw this behavior with Host shotguns but never with other weapons.

this is like my favorite thing ever and it’s so simple
thank you seriously jfc
still don’t understand why they didn’t just add one in, but this is a pretty great quickfix for now, even though they still need to rectify this mistake asap

back to the post…

i still wonder if this has anything internal to do with the alien barrel nerf earlier, and this one just kinda went unnoticed, or if it’s just the host itself

if it’s just the host, and nothing to do with elemental damage from them, i wonder if that means there’s other things that bug out with it, % damage wise, i mean, could you imagine if it’s just % bugs entirely, and you can get Zane to spam grenades from Duct Tape Mod, that’d be pretty silly, even if this will get patched out, anyway

The host shotguns with mozes splash dmg skills make them crazy 1shotting badasses on mayhem3