Confused about Fl4k

Yes, here I go again.
So, on the live skilltrees, I am able to select different category pet and skill together. For instance, as I am tinkering at the moment, I chose Spiderant Centurion and Gamma Burst in tandem. This confuses me, because I was under the impression that pet and skill were, you know, tied together.
On the topic of skills, same as with Moze, will my chosen action skill benefit from the talents from the other trees? For instance, in that same tinkering spirit, will my Gamma Burst benefit from the Stalker tree’s talents (Fade Away)?

To get more precise: the pets and skills are separate, but are aligned within their trees.

You can’t use a Fade Away augment (the chevrons or little V skills) with Gamma Burst.

Skills that list Generic Text Action Skill will then buff whichever action skill you use. Whether the buff makes sense or not is questionable, but I don’t think any of Fl4k’s skills would fit that definition.

To give you a more specific example:

While Eager To Impress is in the JabberFade tree, the skill will still work with a SkagRakk, GammAnt, RakkAnt, or. My personal favorite; Intergalactic Black Hole Catch…or GammaSkag.

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