Confused about how to proc Alani's healing

Trying to figure out how to proc her talent. Wellspring. Was trying to heal with her but could not figure out how to proc Wellspring?

I am probably missing something really obvious and stupid, but can’t seem to figure out what it is…I play on PS-4.

The the bubbles fill upon attacking and other acts. Press L2 (for ps4); it’s the talent key) to heal. It will heal allies with the reticle. To heal yourself, make sure there’s no reticle over another player (look down).

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Ok ok, cripes I had 3 bubbles most of the damn match and couldn’t figure out what they were for, omg, so stupid, thanks, it’s hell to get old…Lolol…in my 20’s this stuff was like 2nd nature now it’s like taking a college course, Lolol.

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Also, you’ll notice a big swirly thingy when you aim at one of your team while you have healing available, and their health & shield bars become visible. If you’re not aimed at anyone, you self-heal.

Unlike Miko you’ll need to be careful with full heals, players cross your path a lot, and sometimes you can heal the wrong guy with full heals leaving the intended battleborn to get a very weak heal.

But yeah attack stuff, fill meter, heal.