Confused about preorder

So I had preordered borderlands threw the PlayStation app, and the next day when I checked Vip rewards, there was a reward if you had preordered the game to be able to play it sooner. I did not know how to register that I preordered or where is it cause it is not on the page anymore.

Edit: Okay I found where it says it. “Log in to your Shift and play borderlands 14 days early” But like how do I do that?

Please help

As far as I know there is no early access for this game. Are you sure you didn’t get confused about where it says that you have 14 days to redeem the early adopter pack? That’s not early access to the game, it’s a bonus that gives you 5 golden keys, a unique children of the vault gun, and a unique echo device skin.

As for how to redeem it, you just need to create an account, link it to your PSN account, and then take the preorder survey that is on the VIP page. When you play the game they will automatically be in your inventory.

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You don’t, the game launches September 13th.

The 2 week thing is “play within the first 14 days time to get the bonuses”.

I’d be interested in a source for this “14 day early” lark, you’re not the first I’ve heard make this claim.

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Okay okay. I see it now. Thanks alot. :smiley: