Confused about update

The new update was released today 5/31/16, did anything new come with this update? maps, taunts, skins ect, or was alani all that was released?

Hmm I didn’t receive any updates for the ps4 version today, so i assumed all that was added was Alani for those who didn’t get her on the 24th release. And I’m guessing that info on the first DLC as well as other updates will be introduced Thursday when they post their next gameplan.

ahh ok so it might of been just a character release, thank you for clearing that up for me i thought DLC was today.

Today was just the release of alani for everyone (thoses who didn’t get the season pass)

The next update/patch is for thursday

yeah i had her on early release, was just confused on weather or not it was only her or not. thank you for helping me out! where do i see what is expected to come on Thursday?

There is nothing expected on Thursday other than a weekly hot fix, which will likely include some adjustments to Alani.

We’ll have the Battleplan some times before the update with the patchnote…

We can expect : some balance about Alani and tweak about lore challenge… it’s the 2 think we know they are working on

For the moment we only had nerfs, it’s maybe time for some buff, who know

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According to? We know it has been discussed, but I haven’t seen any indicator that will be in place this week.

expect wasn’t the good word… should have said “hope” xD

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Fair enough, I just don’t want to give people the impression something was promised.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback.