Confused, legendary items stats make them seem like they suck?

I’m confused by legendary items because they seem when looking at the stats that they suck. They have unexplained red text like my shield says “Out for a walk, bitch” or my grenade says “OFF WITH THIER HEADS!” but they appear other than the red text to be worse than my other items.

Does the red text do something or do they suck?

I mean hell I got a blue quality item with red text and the bloody red text was a smiley face…

:slight_smile: so seeing that on an item i’m left to wonder does it do anything as well? lol


I can say that a Firestorm grenade mod, while it doesn’t do much with the initial explosion, the REAL power comes from the fireballs raining down from the sky. On my Elemental Amara, that just wrecks people, but it won’t work with low ceilings.

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My grenade is called “Red Queen” and other than a sucky dmg and radius they have the red text “OFF WITH THIER HEADS!” as it’s only other stat.

Well, when I got my Firestorm, the damage on the item card was lower than the grenade I had equipped at the time, and yet it carried me several levels as my elemental Amara. My point is, you should experiment with uniques and legendaries. They may be hiding a hidden power that might not always be obvious at first glance.

Red Text is used to denote that the item comes with special properties. Often you have to try it to find out.

The smilie face you pointed out is the Null Pointer. It’s a sniper you get fron Zer0 (null) who has a screen that displays emoticons (smilie face). The red text perk on that is that it just has a bunch of stat modifications to it.

View the red text as a part that imbues it with special stuff that normal parts can’t really do.

That’s probably a better explanation than what I gave, I often suck trying to explain things to people, lol.

Most legendaries have a unique effect that you have to use them to discover. The Kaos, for example, on paper just looks like a pretty good Dahl AR with nothing special about it. Its unique effect is that when you kill enemies with it, they explode and damage nearby enemies.


A handful of legendaries are just better variants of their purple counterparts, but most have a unique effect that you have to discover by using them, and that unique effect almost always makes them worth using.

Your sniper is a mission reward from Zer0. Some blue rarity weapons have red text on the item card, making them what we call uniques. Each one has a special effect, most are mission rewards and can only be obtained once but a few can be farmed but only drop from one specific enemy.

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Any item that has red text has special properties that are hidden. Red text items are often better than non red text items of the same rarity tier, though this isn’t always the case, there are some red text items, even legendaries, that are kind of on the weak side in Borderlands 3.

But there are also some truly amazing legendaries. Take the Recurring Hex Legendary grenade for instance. Just looking at the stats it doesn’t seem very special at all. But once you equip it an throw it you will quickly realize that it is the best grenade in the game, as the red text modifier allows it to send arcs of energy to all nearby enemies that deal large amounts of damage over time, in addition to damage from the grenade explosions.

Ahh ok :smiley: I was seeing them as worse than whites as far as stats go which was where all my confusion came from.

I vendored a COV legendary pistol because I didn’t know what it did but knew it said that it would break after about 60 shots. It was very colourful and it seemed to shoot nothing but 100% fire damage xD

I don’t like CoV weapons at all, or Maliwan, so I vendor them immediately lol.

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no in most cases they are worse then whites there is very few that are any good

the bulk of legendary weapons are just novelty items that are good for a laugh and thats about it

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This isn’t the place for that, thanks. Don’t deliberately mislead other members.


Yeah idk what guns are good tbh but i’m using Tediore mainly for the LOL factor of throwing the guns. I’ve heard there’s one that after throwing it the thing grows legs and homes in on enemies and runs over on it’s legs and blows up but tbh i’m guessing that to be fake because it sounds too crazy to be true lol

Look for a unique Tediore called The Boo. You can get it by going through Ava’s side mission. That’s probably the famous gun with legs from the trailer.

It exists. Se become turrets, there’s one that becomes a drone. The Tediore gimmick has been greatly improved upon in BL3 with their legendaries.

Oh oh! I just got a legendary Tediore that creates a brain with legs when you reload! I don’t quite know what it does yet, but it should be good for a laugh, at least.

So the red queen splits into 2 grenades and has this laser beam in between the 2. The laser does massive damage.

The Borderlands wiki is great for weapon and gear information:

I believe the red queen can score critical hits as well, though I can’t remember if that was Megavore doing the work.

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OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! – Thrown grenade splits in two and bounces forward with a laser connecting the two halves.

Usage & Description


  • The laser which connects the grenades can hit enemy crit spots, which results in massive damage.
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