Confused with Amara skills

I just realised very recently that Amara power efficacy sometimes depends on what status effect is inflicted on Amara herself! :open_mouth:

I guess I had trouble understanding some of Amara’s power and this my attempt at asking the right question to get better clarification here:

  • Mysical Assault: Violent Tapestry (1st row, right)
    “for every stack consumed”, what consume stack?
    “Amara’s Status Effect Chance” does it (as I supposed) increase the percentage of elemental damage on guns

  • Mystical Assault : Awakening (5th row, right, skull):
    Increased Rush Stack Effectiveness: what does that means? I guess it’s increase the percentage given by each rush stack, right?

  • Fist of the element: Anima (first row, left)
    “Amara’s status effect last longer and does more damage” does that mean whatever affect her get worst?

Increased “Accuracy” I guess the game is not all dependent on the player’s ability to click head, but does some aim assist? How does accuracy works?

And lastly, how good is melee build?
Is it good against Bosses too?

When having skilled into Violent Tapestry and you inflict a status element, you gain a stack of rush. They don’t do anything (unless specified otherwise) until they are consumed.
You consume them by using your action skill.

Violent Tapestry increases the chance of inflicting a status effect with your weapon.

It should increase the effectiveness of skill like Violent Tapestry, but it is bugged atm and doesn’t do anything. A few skills are bugged atm (Alacrity for example).

Status effects (burn, shock, etc.) you inflict are stronger. Every elemental weapon has a chance of inflicting a dot (damage over time) effect when hitting an enemy. These dots are stronger when using Anima.

If you are inflicting status effects on yourself (with a grenade for example), then those are empowered as well.

Weapons are by nature not 100% accurate and spread naturally. A shotgun for example won’t hit from far range.
A sniper will hit because it has higher accuracy. Some skills increase the accuracy, making it easier for long range combat. Don’t think too much about it, accuracy isn’t that important as basically all weapons are useable without increasing the accuracy.

Melee build is pretty good. It really depends on the boss since some bosses are out of melee range.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Few additional point:

Wow, cool!
I don’t need to self inflict here! :slight_smile: And my affect are stronger nice! :slight_smile:
Seem to make sense… I might have been confuse with Mindfullness, which does buff the player… and there was abuild vide which rely on both mindfuillness and anima…

I was wondering if it would help if I am a little bit old and slow… but I guess it mostly help at long range…
And is not that important anyway. For example it is quite easy to hit with Malliwan weapon anyway! :slight_smile: