Confusion over weapon stats and value

(Smithoz2000) #1

At times I must admit defeat in understanding the value vs weapon stats between two of the same lvel, rarity and damage.

I have two purple stingers, both level 40. HX 4-B (ruthless) has damage of 110, fire rate of 12.5 and a value of 405,000. My HX 3-B (Malevolent) has damage of 107, a fire rate of 16.3 and value of 156,000.

I was using Roland at the time, but the Malevolent was way more effective on him at least, though I will eventually try them on Lilth

How is the value calculated, especially when you get two of the same rarity, level and type? Just wondering…

(band) #2

Most guns have 5 slots for parts(barrel, body, magazine, etc.) that each usually have 5 variations(barrel3, barrel5, blah blah). Each of those parts have different values, better parts have stronger boosts to the money value of the gun.

Don’t worry too much about the value when it comes to how good a gun is, just pick up something that looks interesting and unload a magazine or two to see how it handles.

There is a huge amount of info about the gun system, but the basics are that there are typically ~5 slots for parts with ~5 types of part for each slot. Some are rarer than others, they all have different stats.
If you really want to check it out, look over at the loot section.