Congrats Gearbox for the 500k on HWR

I’m not sure if this is accurate (I hope it is) but HWR just reached the 500.000 copies on steam.

Congrats Gearbox!


I think it is generally understood that Steam Spy is ‘roughly’ accurate. For weeks they were showing a much lower (50k) number - and it just jumped (along with the history, oddly) this week.

I don’t know the exact numbers either, but I am fairly sure that these numbers are a bit low.

So hey, wooooooooo 500k copies!!!


All the moneyz!

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Just think how much money you all could make with Homeworld 3.:wink:


Why do you people think about money?

This means there are about 500000 players waiting for the patch that is hopefully soon to be released :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just hope that this patch will bring back most of the playerbase to the game because i know i will. Besides that, Complex 10 will get its first dev build released when the patch goes live and i can’t wait to play that. Already waited so long yet so short.