Congrats, Gearbox, you’ve made a buggy mess into an unplayable mess

Yeah, so, before the update on PS4 you couldn’t tag items and we’d get freezes every now and then; NOW, not only are there still freezes, all the item cards are wrong (every artefact has a gun or grenade card/every shield has a gun or Artifact card etc) but you can’t even finish the game. The lip sync is miles miles out during cut-scenes, you can’t fast travel to Sanctuary unless you actually click on the fast travel symbol, and there are so many other bugs I’ve read about on the forums that others are experiencing.

You should be ashamed. I paid £60 for this borderline unplayable mess that you nonetheless decided to release and have only made worse with your ‘patches’. That’s the last time I buy your products at full price. I don’t give a s**t, next time I’m waiting til it’s £20 and you’ve fixed all the bugs after conning people out of money they can barely afford. Shame on you.

I don’t think anyone forced you to spend your last pennies on it, i’m pretty sure that was your decision.

I would agree with some of your points but you’re acting like such an entitled child, i’m not doing. Grow up, please.


When you’re looking forward to a game for years and decide to spend a shitload of money on it, only for it to be a pile of buggy crap, I think you’re entitled to complain. Wind your neck in, fanboy.

Well, I don’t see this going anywhere positive now.