Congrats, you killed your game

With the last patches and the MAJOR nerfs to the only weapons even worth a ■■■■ in your game. You have completely screwed it. Just wanted to share my congrats on how BAD you guys are at designing the fighting system. Did you even test this ■■■■ before you released it or are we playing the beta?


I think Epic’s big sack of cash landed too soon and far too attractive, and we got a rushed product because of it.

Either that or the team behind 3 had very little to do with 2, it’s almost like another company tried to make their own Borderlands.


And the nerfed weapons still remain the best weapons in the game and shred through MH3.


Have you even tried using them post nerf or did you just read the patch notes and just.

They are still VERY powerful. Some of the nerfs are hardly noticeable like Hellwalker. Hex grenade is still amazing it just takes more then 1 grenade to kill 8-12 enemies at once. There are still plenty of good builds.

The main problem that causes difficulty spike is the Mayhem mode modifiers themselves not the gear.


Yep, is a beta game.

Pretty muchy most of the original BL2 creators have moved on.

Apparently this should have been a warning but I am apparently dense as a rock and failed to connect the 2 things.

Lesson learned from me and I will be staying away from gearbox games.

God I am SO glad I just bought the base game instead of the deluxe edition.

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OK lemme add my own thoughts since there is a ton of toxic content online of late…
I have done 8 full playthroughs, each hero, 3 times as Amara, twice as FL4K.

Each time I stop at level 40, the other modes are not as much fun to me as starting over is.

Why so much time in the game? I’m disabled and 58 years old, Borderlands fan from the start.

Do I find the game fun? Yes!
Do the nerfs bug me? Personally no, but the wave online from the backlash does.

So what would I change about playthroughs in normal mode?
Easy…Far less white and green loot. I’m drowning in it with each playthrough.


What annoys me is that they have hotfixes for nerfs and buffs but they dont address simple bugs and imo crazy and flawed game mechanics:

  • Alot of Amaras skills are bugged.
  • Mozes capstone tenacious defense does not even work with a 1 hp build which is contradictory to the rest of the tree, even with legendary shields like stop gap and recharger. - I keep dying from hollow point explosions.
  • Zane builds dont synergize well with anything (legendary class mods for him are a joke imo).
  • Mayhem modifiers were made to force you to play different playstyles. Thats just stupid and lack of respect. I am a circle. Stop trying to make me a square. Besides, some of those modifiers are down right impossible to play with for some vh regardless of gear and would require a respec to play with so I end up just resetting and hope for somewhat favorable modifiers. They force you through this with the promise of better loot. Just remove this randomness please.
  • Mobs are more difficult than bosses. Graveward is a joke. While badass zealots, annointed and other giant mobs I havent even bothered to remember their name yet down you instantly and spawn camp you. Oh! and dont forget the screen mess they make. You cant hit them because you cant see them from their spammed attacks.
    To be honest, I can go on and on but Ill stop before I get too heated.
    I pray they would address these things before anything else. Since these are core to the game. Im pretty sure if they fix these things they will have to nerf/buff gear again to balance the game.
    Just my two cents

Hotfixes address relatively simple changes to numerical values. Thus they are relatively quick to produce and deploy. Bugs and performance issues are a lot more complex, and take a lot more time to resolve and deploy.

They’re looking at toning down the mayhem modifiers, (significantly in some cases, like bullet reflection) to the point where respeccing might be a good idea but not as essential.


Replying to PSYCHICk No Excuse thats what game testers and anybody before the game releases should notice before charging alot of money for a halfmade game. EVEN A JANITOR THAT WORKS AT THE BIULDING WOULD NOTICE BE LIKE DAM U SURE U WANNA RELEASE THAT PLAYS LIKE ■■■■ LOOK AT FPS.

For the most part, that statement is not true regarding the impact of these nerfs on the Operative, who relies far heavier on the weapons/grenades to be effective than other classes do. Here’s my experiences on an Operative in Mayhem 3 TVHM post patch:

Hex (Recurring, MIRV-Tacular, etc.) = Hot garbage. Other grenades that weren’t nerfed such as Stormfront, MIRV Widowmaker, Quasar, and a few others are far better now.

Flakker (any variant) = Garbage. It functions the same basically, but the damage nerf makes it an inferior choice to other harder hitting choices without the tedious mechanic. The Brainstormer in particular is better for Slaughter maps. Though I’m still scratching my head why the Flakker still uses 5 ammo (it takes 4 from your backpack) when it only holds 1 round in the magazine.

Butcher (any variant) = Still viable, but is much more situational now, and there are other harder hitting shotguns such as the One Pump Chump or the Boring Gun that out perform it now.

Crossroads/Cutsman = Mediocre, at best. There are better choices now that weren’t nerfed, in particular, the Night Hawkin (which I’m betting will get nerfed next). The buff to the Westergun makes it more viable now. Honestly, I don’t think either the Crossroads or the Cutsman were OP in the least on Zane, but they were undeniably the most common SMGs used across the game.

Lyuda (Resolute, and other variants) = Inferior to other choices on Zane, which includes an Annointed version I have which does +125% damage to bosses on Action Skill end.

These are just some of the main weapons I was using prior to the nerf, but the point remains the same - my effectiveness on an already weak class was diminished even further as a result. Maybe if they considerably buffed the Operative, I wouldn’t mind the nerfs so much like the rest of you who are playing the Gunner, Beastmaster, or Siren. Consequently, me and my friends play the game in pre-patch mode now. It’s far more fun (better loot drops, no nerfs), and feels more like the Borderlands we all knew and loved prior to this one.

No offense to you guys, but I wish I could complain about the nerfs. I have a high-end PC, and performance is still so bad that the game is unplayable. I wish I had your problems lol

Out of curiosity how many times do you need to point out the differences between hot fixable issues and ones requiring considerably more work and testing on a given day? It seems like there should be a script in the forum that autoposts that response every time someone complains about hotfixes indicating them ignoring other issues. XD


Why is this level of whining allowed?


Cause apparently they are the majority, so they say

some of those “epic launcher crybabies” say we play the beta
final release of the game is 2020 april ^^

Because when someone pays £100 for a game (that’s half the price of the bloody console used to play said game ffs) they are entitled to have an opinion

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Well in the US I think its because people without children are considered experts on raising children but those are just my thoughts on it. There was a lot less whining from kids when it was perfectly fine to smack them for it. Anyway just my thoughts on that.

Also complainers will do so non stop as a deliberate attempt to make their side and issues seem larger than it really is. If they actually counted the number of users complaining over things it would most likely amount to a small handful of people in proportion to the actual playerbase of the game.

As for the entitled to have an opinion. Sure opinions are like ■■■■■■■■. Everyone has one. Issues arise when people try to push these opinions off as facts or credible data.


Back on topic?

Actually, no, mercy closing.