Congratulations everybody!

You stuck it out. Good job. Now that Battleborn 2.0 is coming out, Lootpocalypse is your reward. So enjoy. And now, you can be ready for the return of old players, who will now realize their mistake. Congrats! All those long matchmaking times (PC) and you will now amaze people by playing a ranged Ambra! We made it. We’re at the finish line. This is our victory lap.


I’m confused.


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I’m enjoying some very good Espresso as I read this and have accepted it as a high-5.


Sure. Why not. I’m up for being optimistic :slight_smile:

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500 pick online on PC… 60$ burned… i’m buy Overwatch and to my great surprise I liked it… This game have good potential but 2k/Gearbox just digging the grave for this game… and money already gone to someone’s pocket.

I guess you didn’t see the stream yesterday.

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Stream! Oh! I sat here for 5 minutes figuring out what you meant by street

Auto correct screwed me up.