šŸŽ‡Congratulations Gearbox on making a Great Raid thats actualy hard. Finally a Challenge.ā­

So the raid is damn tough and feels like you actually need 4 people or at least 2 very well equipped confident ppl.
(Or one mega dmg/longevity build minmaxd)

So iā€™ve been dying for something Hard. This seems to be it. Iā€™m happy.

Sure theres other issues like dying from jump puzzles in Co op, also new loot not dropping, they can iron that out. This is about making a sucessfully hard true end game feeling raid.

Goodjob! Hope more like it come soon.


I have a harder time with the platforms than the M10 Raid itself.

My Spiderant popping up on platforms is annoying and throwing me off


I had to stop using my spiderant in areas like that, back in the Moxxie DLC. And the explody barrels on every other platform didnā€™t help at all. If youā€™re not in combat, or even if you are and playing solo, you can swap out your pet to something less annoying.

Just give yourself time to get the spiderant back. But it really helps with those jumps. Of course now I just run with a very gimped petless-build, because they just all annoy me now.

I guess no one will be doing a speed run under 3 mins, with all of the delaying puzzles. :flushed:

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except it sucks for solo players ? not everyone have friends that plays this game and can be on at the same time all the time.

the scaled solo take down is broken, have you even tried soloing it ?

good luck having any ammos left by the time you get to door #1


We have infinite ammo artifact schemes for sliding and slam. You can launcher trash until its dead.

oh yeah man it is so great to have a content where you can use only like 20 items proud of you gearbox


Well im not happy about loot variety but lmao. Voiced it seriously

It should be a damn challenge instead of a walk in. The park. The most dangerous thing in maliwan takedown. Is falling off the edge. And well dogbites

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totally man feels good to use ripperā€™s game play loop in new take down m10 melee and kill melee and kill so cool and all sliding dmg and jump dmg coming out and itā€™s hard so everyone uses ammo steal slam interaction OOF perfect content


What platform are you on? You might try the Play and Trade section on here?

I am watching a video of a bunch of min/max streamers fight the boss. I am 15 minutes in and they are still fighting the boss. No idea what it takes to get there but jeebus this fight looks like a mechanistic whip. I am also Seeing almost no way they will finish without using the slam reload tactics.

Solo seems a bit tough. Not sure if Iā€™m dying due to one of the ā€œpuzzlesā€ or not, but itā€™s a bit frustrating not knowing where the death is coming from.

Iā€™m knocking the game down to M6 just so I can get a feel for what the heck is going on (zero feedback still on what takes you down). BUT, the fricking Mayhem modifier RNG-sus-cripes enough, is ramming me hard!

They really should have allowed us to just pick our modifiers. Instead Iā€™m here rerolling, for 5 mins now, trying to get something that doesnā€™t undermine my build or my play style.

GBX needs to swallow their pride and just admit that this isnā€™t working for most players. The amount of RNG in the game has exceeded the ā€œfunā€ limit by an excessive amount:
Will the item drop?
Will it be in the right element?
Will it have the right anoint?
Will it have the right fire mode(s)?
Will the game crash before I can pick it up?
ad nauseam

Just let us pick the modifiers we want. I thought I bought a shooter, not some gambling-sim.


Giving enemies 8x times the HP without any other adjustments is not hard, just tediouis and boring, and limits down the builds even further into a very narrow meta that is just too restrictive to be fun for many people


Totally agreed. Its not hard, itā€™s boring.


The enemies were so much chunkier than Maliwan Takedown for some reason? I had to complete it in m4 since the health scaling felt more ā€œm10ā€ there. idk if its just my build though

If you have near-perfect to perfect gear, a top-notch build, and three friends, then perhaps the new Takedown can be fun. The caveats, though;

  1. Trying to get said ideal gear is excruciating due to the amount of random hoops you have to jump through, in a loot system that is currently only working 50% as intended.
  2. As far as I am aware, most people tend to play the game solo. Theyā€™re discouraged from playing with others due to the Mayhem modifiers being re-rolled when someone joins, the potential difference in taste when it comes to what Mayhem level they enjoy playing at, and the issues with matchmaking that have been around since the game launched.

And you canā€™t play split-screen without dealing with all manner of bugs that make it a horrible experience.

After DLC 3 drops, GBX should push everything else back a month, and take a solid four weeks just fixing the issues that have been plaguing this game since launch, and all of the ones introduced with every bit of additional content.

Cue the people who only care about themselves and new content. But for some of us, being able to play with friends without crashing on join, or being able to play together for 5 mins with all of the modifiers without crashing would be equal to new content.


LOL so now there is another mandatory meta playstyle to make sure you have something to deal damage with apart from harsh language after a couple of rooms.

Not the way I play on my Zane so Iā€™m not touching this flawed content but Iā€™m glad something has now made you happy. :+1:

Canā€™t believe Iā€™ll actually play more Destiny than Borderlands until the next DLC arrives, dayumm.


Just to put the enemy tankiness into perspective (I forgot the original source):

A single trash mob is roughly 1/3 as tanky as a main boss in the main story, and there are hundreds of enemies thrown at you in this Takedown, many of which are far stronger than this buff-trash.


Thatā€™s off the show.

Heres what in seeing almost every streamer doā€¦

Bunch of eletric shielded enemies and enemies eith health bars omgherd my Corrosive reflux is taking so long to kill! Why arent i face rolling this in 4 seconds. Its taking. 15 shots!

Oh no more shielded enemiesā€¦ Better takeout my corrsoive reflux.

Agh ha! A tough Armored enemyā€¦ Lemme takeout my OPQ!

Theres a final boss mechanic where u can stagger the boss butā€¦

Lets kill everything really fast so we have to stand behind a pillar.


and other grievancesā€¦ :ā€™(

So sadā€¦