Connecting to friend timing out - possible NXOE issue

Anyone else been having problems lately connecting to a friends borderlands game or vice versa? Just times out after 30 seconds. Can see my friends playing and they can see me playing. We have all hard reset our consoles but still no luck. It may be related to us being on the New Xbox One Experience UI, but other games work fine with no issues online. Borderlands works fine single player.

Just wondering if there is anything else we can try or just see if anyone else has this problem.

I have reported the problem to MS as a possible bug on their end as well with the beta UI.

There is a known issue with matchmaking for The Handsome Collection on Xbox One. GBX is currently in the process of finding a resolution to the problem. Unfortunately, there is no ETA on when a fix will be available. See the following:

And also:

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Yep started after the recent Dashboard update. Cannot join anyone’s game and they cannot join me. Times out . :frowning:

Is it microsoft that have to fix this? or is it gearbox? they have to fix this almost driving me NUTS. I have bought this game for something like 600 bucks and paying 79 bucks for my Xbox live acc too and the servers doesn`t work when i try to join a friends game this is silly. Thanks in advice.

I reported it on the MS dash, but really not sure. Leaning towards gearbox because all other games work fine with the new dash.