Connecting to host issues

I’m having issues attempting to connect to friends on Xbox live on the pre squeal.

Basically I’m attempting to join my friend (once Friday and now a different friend today) through the game but I keep timing out once then it immediately informs me to check my cables (first time it did this I switched back to the cat 5, my nat is completely open, up is roughly 12m down is 1m per second) I’ve yet to attempt this on the BL2 but I’m presently reinstalling pre sequel now. (It WAS saying I was having patch issues but I resolved that after I discovered my network connection via the game was set to offline mode despite myself never setting that)

Curious has anyone encountered this issue yet AND has anyone a suggestion for resolving it.

@Jeffybug if you know any quick fixes that would be lovely… I’ll update again AFTER I’ve reinstalled the game :-\

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No such luck so far :frowning: going to later attempt to just randomly connect to a person later.

is your friend’s nat open? is it just him? can he connect to your games?

He was unable to connect to mine,I was unable to connect to his, and I’m unable to connect to random people either.

I’ve tried it thus far on five different people too not just one friend…no such luck on anything.

Heck I’ve been playing all day…
Tarzan 2point0
The above is my gamer tag

Me and my friend had to create new characters and start the game again to be able to play online, our transferred characters didn’t work online. even with a new character we struggle to even find games, or join them.

a level 67 character (which will not work) is not something done overnight…so we are pretty pissed about it, it’s a multiplayer game after all…but gearbox haven’t got back to us once, So let down!

Our nat tpes are not the problem…this is the only game we struggle to play. I think it’s a problem with the transfer from the last gen console. That and the servers are very poor.

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We have the same issue with our cloud saved characters. This is something that needs to be fixed. I have posted about this a few times now, yet not one single response or acknowledgement of this issue. Its really frustrating that we have spent so much money on the same game twice, a season pass, along with time spent getting our characters capped out on the 360 only to not use them now and start over again. I agree with the being pissed about it part…

Hey guys,

I’ve touched base with the team on this and they’re looking into it. Thanks for the heads up and keep us posted on things in this thread.

EDIT: I’ve been told that we’re hoping to have a fix implemented in an upcoming update, so that should help with most of these types of issues.

It’s the same for me on Xbox one and it’s really frustrating! I’ve only tried with my transferred character and when I search for games I either get no games found or after searching for some time it will find one game or maybe two games at most.

When I choose the game I want to connect to it will take me to that game and as soon as I join im sent straight back to the title screen with the message I lost connection to the host…every time!

Open nat type and all other games run great, I’m out of options really and its a massive shame, me and my friends all bought this game for a 2nd time at launch and are still yet to play co op :frowning:

I’ve been playing with friends in TN and NC. I’ve only played with a few different people though but it has not failed to connect. I did have some quirks with my buddy in TN.

My GT is:

Throw me on and when I get some free time we’ll give her a go. I plan on being on tonight after work (about 5pm - 6PM pacific)

Same problem I don’t think it an issue with cross saves. Because me and buddy made new characters gt to lvl54 and all of a sudden I couldn’t join him and the next day his character gt the same thing send character data to host. I hope they fix it soon love bl. Guess I’ll be playing MKX till patched.

Two of my friends and I have had the same problem happen they got it at like 56 and then I got it at 63 so for now my now lvl 70 Athena is solo only it sucks


This problem seems to only be happening around lvl 55-65 characters in case that helps it’s made co-op on Xbox past 50 impossible


I cant connect to ANY GAME through quick match or Match browser. Once I am in the game I have a message telling me to wait and its send my character info to the host. After about 3mins of waiting… I get he message that the host has removed me from the game. Not one sucessful connection today!

welcome to just about everyone else. lol, I have to actually joing my friends or it won’t connect. no quick matching at all.

This is the 3rd section forum I’ve found related to this issue. I’m on Xbox1, so are my friends and my kids. When Handsome pack was released we all played together no problem. From March 24th release date we transferred our characters on Pre-Sequel and played with each other, in different states, with no trouble till April 10th. Since the 10th any character above level 54 we are unable to join together. It’s NOT my internet, I have already done a clear cache, did a power cycle AND Uninstalled and Reinstalled the game. So have they, this DID NOT fix the issue. It’s on Gearbox’s end and it needs to be addressed. It’s been 10 days now I’ve been stuck on final boss on UVHM for main story and Claptrap DLC and need friends help. Not to mention we just want to play together, it’s the whole point of co-op!

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Same here on xbox one my nisha is a 54 I can’t connect to my friend who has an athena at 54 so we can’t play. Its not been andressed. I’m afraid to play with the other characters reaching lvl 54. So I’ve stopped playing. Wish they would just admit it’s on they’re end. Btw these are characters we freshly made not ported. I hope bl3 is better put together then this.

You said that there would be a fix for this soon last week any more news you can tell us about this because it needs to be addressed

No timeline just yet on the next update, but we are aiming to include fixes for connectivity issues as I said above.


Well I tried connecting to my freinds on xbox live as they have just got the handsome collection last night and it was impossible we all gave up in the end and yes are nats are open and all that stuff is fine so have you guys sorted this issue out yet or is everyone still waiting for fix? Not much point having this game if you cant play online with your mates.