Connection Failed 7/3/2016

I bought the Handsome Collection for PS4 about three weeks ago and have been playing it online with friends the whole time. About four days ago, I started having connection issues. I would be playing with my friends and suddenly lag out of the game. When I get to the character selection screen, it brings up the “connection failed” error. It tells me to check my wires and my settings to fix.

According to similar threads on this issue, I’ave done the following:

  • Reinstalled the game (twice)
  • Reset my router
  • Setup the UDP/TCP recommended port forwards.
  • Powered off my PS4 to reboot.
  • Powered down my Router to reboot.

None of these things are working. The issue does not even appear to be on my end. PS Plus works. PS now works. I can get into any other online game in my library. This game is the only one causing problems. What else can I do to resolve?

Edit: For Clarity Purposes, I was playing Borderlands 2 in the Handsome Jack collection, but it seems to be doing the same thing on the Pre-Sequel.