Connection Failed - gearbox Shift

Hi, me and my girlfriend are trying for two days to link our shift accounts with xone accounts in Borderlands 2. All we keep geting is “connection failed - unable to communicate with gearbox software shift…” Reboot does not help, internet connection is ok and i don’t know what to do anymore. I didn’t find any solution on the web and i am quite disappointed and desperate. Is there something what could make it work? Thanks

Double-check that you entered the profile name correctly when you entered it on the SHiFT web site for your account. I’m not sure if the information is case-sensitive - @joekgbx can you please clarify that? Thanks!

Aside from making sure you’ve got the basics- login info entered correctly, good connection, etc., it’s tough to say. Some users have been experiencing connection issues and we are working on fixes to improve connectivity that will be included in the next update.

Ok, i am probably stupid but where exactly i should even link shift profile with microsoft account? Because in main menu i choose extras, then shift code. For a while there is " authenticating with gearbox software shift" and then i get that connection failed message. So i am little confused about that info about checking login info. There is even no login option. If i am doing something wrong feom begining i am really sorry :wink:

Not at all! You can link your accounts via your profile on the SHiFT website.