"Connection Failed" when Save/Quitting

I’ve had this happen very occasionally and it normally fixes itself within a few seconds. To note, i’m playing solo, and I just had it happen while farming chests in The Forest. I’d run past all the Stumpy enemies and while it was “updating session” I got downed and respawned. This is only a minor irritation but the game literally failed to move on from the “Connection Failed” screen, to the point I had to actually close the game via the Xbox Guide.

I know this is very late in the life of even THC, but can someone explain why this happens?

A little speculation on my part but… I’m assuming based on your description that you respawned at the FT near the front of the map. This is also a save point, so you trigger a save while the game is saving, and it gets confused.

Your title invokes save-quitting - basically, you also need to watch out that any triggered save is completed before you hit button to quit your current game.

I don’t know, I have also had that happen (twice in my case) just recently, the most recent time was just after I had transferred gear in claptraps stash, there was no auto save going on, and got that message on the quit and save. My times are different then the OP’s, but have the same message.
When it happened to me I chalked it up to be another manifestation of the one “Connection Failed” issue, because along with that message it also told me to “Check my network and Connections”, same as the other Issue