Connection Failure

So I was playing just fine earlier today, I took a short break, went to get back on so I could play with my friends, and now I can’t even connect at all. I’m stuck in offline mode. My friends are able to play, but anything other than local is really unstable for them. My internet connection is fine, so please don’t even bother with port settings or any of that nonsense, I’ve checked and it is NOT on my end. I’ve looked for info on this, and it seems like a recurring problem, every weekend, people have serious connection issues on this game, with no apparent fix or only the barest of acknowledgements from Gearbox that they even know the problem exists. So can someone please tell me what the hell is going on, is there a fix, is Gearbox working on it, anything? Please and thank you.



Ever since this month’s PS+ offerings went live, the servers for most games have become very unstable so there isn’t much you can do except wait it out :frowning:. Gearbox are aware of this issue though and are looking into it: Online broke on consoles

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Yeah that’s my post where he replied, I just had to re-vent because it is really frustrating I just had to get it off my chest again! Its one of the few games I can waste a day on in co-op so when we plan to do it and can’t connect it really gets to me

Same here! So frustrating



Wasted a couple hours trying to play on friday night. Starting to wonder if I will get BL3 if this is going to happen, which is disheartening