Connection Issues Are Getting Annoying

I don’t know if this happened for everyone but I find myself losing connection quite often. Basically the disconnect symbol will pop up on the screen and I’ll be frozen for a few seconds. Then, when everything has caught up and the game has been playing fine for about a minute I’ll get kicked out. This is getting annoying, especially because he last few times I’ve been playing solo advanced campaign missions it has kicked me out at the boss fight. My internet is fine and I still have connection to Xbox live even though it says I lost connection to Xbox live. This also doesn’t happen with any other game. Sorry if this seems like a complaint but honestly I don’t even want to play the story missions anymore because it’s getting really annoying.

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I haven’t had any disconnects on Xbox yet, but near the start of almost every match I inevitably experience a pretty big lag spike just as the first contact between the teams kicks off.

Never had a connection issue on Xbox… I have heard certain regions are having problems though, where are you playing from?


I had this issue as well, and despite not having any other Internet issues or disconnecting from anything but battleborn I replaced my router anyway. 3 days and no disconnect, and that is literally the only thing I changed… might be worth a shot