Connection issues in every match. (PC)

I know its a beta and some issues are to be expected. Just pointing out that this is a very bad and seemingly unavoidable issue I keep running in to. I’m playing on PC over wifi with AC adapter and AC router. says 32ms ping, 20 Mbps down, 5 Mbps up. Other games run fine. This game runs fine, until it decides to kick me out for no reason. I got to the last fight of the Algorith with no issues, then it decides to kick me out. I come back a couple hours later, I get kicked once the match actually loads. Come back this morning, kicked 10 minutes into a game. Still connected to the internet every time this happens. I don’t get randomly disconnected from other games I play.

I like the game. It’s fun when I’m able to play. Might consider buying it if the servers get seriously upgraded for retail. But this really needs to be addressed.

Steam was very bad last night.
Got dropped from Teams, then checked, Steam was in offline mode.
Checked the Internet, conn was fine.
30 minutes later Steam could be accessed again, but forums and other sections were nearly frozen.