Connection not working

Anybody having trouble with the multiplayer? Everytime i try to join a buddys game wont let me. and is it a glitch that needs to be fixed?

My wife and I are having the same issue. It seems to be a common theme here on the forums.

@DropDeadArtemus I’m thinking it maybe a glitch in the game but I really don’t know

I just hate it when it won’t let anybody connect

Gearbox fix your ■■■■!!!

@MeanMightyBean that is the biggest understatement of week!

Me and a few of my friends are having this issue… Was working fine (I say fine… We had to reset a few times) last week, but now won’t connect at all

This has been happening to me on and off for months now. Usually though, it will only be for a couple of hours and we would just try again the next day. We also had little tricks we would try to get around it, which would occasionally work but to be honest I think it may have just been a coincidence. Now, however, I can’t connect to my friend at all.

I’m just happy other people are running into this issue and it might be patched.

Also, I found that with my issue it is entirely based on who is ‘hosting’ the game. I cannot join my buddies game, but we CAN join a random multiplayer game and play together, as long as somebody else is hosting.

I’ve also hypothesized that players who have this inability to connect simply won’t show up in the matchmaking list. For example, when my friend tried to host a public game, he did not show up on my matchmaking search, nor could he see my game when I tried to host one. This would make sense because I’m seeing very few potential matches when I search for games these days.

Anyway, I just thought I would make an account and post this to show Gearbox that a lot of people are having this issue and I’m hoping it’s gotten their attention. Hope my intel helped.

Even on Reddit people are having issues. Gearbox really needs to fix this asap. I’ve even read that it’s affected people for months and they’ve just learned to deal with playing solo?!?! For a multiplayer heavy game, it is UNACCEPTABLE to have to deal with playing solo! Support needs to look in to this because it is unfair to all the people that purchased this game wth the intent to play with friends.

Interestingly, whatever problem it is it seems to exclusively affect the pre-sequel. My friends and I will go straight to Borderlands 2 and join games instantly with no issues.

Given the lack of response in these forums, issues on Reddit going back 9 months, and the lack of activity on their twitter feed, one has to really question whether Gearbox has no idea what the issue is or has no interest in fixing it.

Well me along with a lot of other people are being affected on borderlands 2 as well as the prequel, basically the handsome collection’s online is broken for us. Gearbox address the issue!!!