Connection options

Please gearbox, for the love of all things, put in a option to only search for people with compatible connection. Bad ping and latency ruins games too often.

That’s borderline morally crossing a line

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What moral?

If they do that, Australians will REALLY never find matches. xD


It just… feels wrong. Also, not worth the time or money to make it happen

Welcome to Australia - Australian Servers Issues (Post Your Data Here)

I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you…


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Im in europe btw. Thing is, its common now that players abilities and attack will ‘pass though’ opponents. Which compounds with the bad hit boxes. Even when they have green ping.
It wouldnt cost that much at all, or take much time. There are templates all over the place.
There needs to be something that we in the player rich environments counteracts the recent server cutting. Or, like most games with ‘lower’ player bases, allow server browsing with player servers.
If the game is unplayable in aus, then why bother really. And its not like we in europe ever play with ausies, as they are both on the opposite time zone and matchmaking isnt that care free with match building.

There are too many fixable missteps compounding in this game.

I stopped long ago, most of us have left but a dedicated few still play including some of my old playing group and the odd random player here and there. I’d never come across a NZ player, never heard of my old group being matched with NZ players either, their community was smaller than ours and it seems they up and left before I did.

We frequently get matched against US and EU players, which is part of our problem, we connect to servers halfway across the world and lag almost every match, gotta love that red bar. Comparably we have a much smaller population than the other continents so naturally there are a lot less players here, but we’ve been hard done by since the CTT. Strange that it’s happening on your end now though.

Mmhmm, I hear ya.