Connection Problem

Hello guys me and a friend have a problem after the crossplay patch.
When we try to join in the room, the host is able to join but the other one has a lot of trobule:

  1. Sometimes he can’t able to choose the right character and he is instantly kicked.
  2. Sometimes he CAN choose the character but after some loading time (about 2 mins) he is instantly kicked.
  3. Sometimes we can play with an insane lag.
  4. Sometimes we can’t join.

So… we have this problem ONLY with this game, and ONLY after the patch.
We are the only one? And Someone can help us to risolve this?


I have the same issue with a friend. Before this crossplay patch we can play togheter without any problems or lag, now we experience the same problem you describe and if we change our pg we can play but with horrible lag.