Connection problems multiplayer [Solved]

Me and my friend are trying to play along with our pg’s and its a pian because we are able to play just for 2 minutes and after that, we get connectiom problems.
we don’t have any internet issues because we are able to stay on a party chat on discord even when we play on other games

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I have the same issue on 2 pcs. Hardwired with constant internet connectivity and otherwise minimal play issues, however non-host party member will continually be removed from game because of ‘internet connection’. I have checked for updates, tweaked settings and ports, tested with other games and online chat that all continue to run and stay connected while bl3 will kick me or kick the other players. I can live with the cloud upload discrepancies and chalk that up to my own human error, I can live with fr drops while they work out bugs, but I cannot even enjoy a huge part of this games playthrough attraction of playing with my friends.

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I solved it , basicaly you just have to switch nationality its in the settings somewhere, try to find it and switch it both you and your friend, then restart your console and you will probably have solved the problem, for me and my buddy worked just fine and the game goes flawlessly, just some occasional lags once every while but it’s not a problem.
Hope it works for you too , don’t know if you have allready tryed it but it worked for me and it should for every one else that has this problem

Thanks for the tip. I’ll try it today. Do you know if that works for PC too or just console?

Did not fix the issue. Instead of just disconnecting the other player with me I now have my game crash within minutes of being joined. Am reinstalling the game and starting a new thread. Thank you for the try tho.