Connection Problems

So no matter what we do my and my friend ( both Epic Games ) cannot connect to each other. We took a break for some time to play other games and everything worked great ( for the most part ), but when we come back we are having non stop issues just trying to make a party to play together. Its on frtiends only, have tried invite only, have tried Shift invite, have tried epic invite, have tried just about anything we can find online and nothing works… just randomly out of nowhere it will let us connect, but its only after about 20 minutes of failed connections. Yes we have ports forwarded yes we have good net. Every other game works perfect its only this game. Any thoughts or help?


Having the same issue. My wife and I can play together just fine and we play with her niece now and then. The niece took a break for a few months and now we can no longer connect to her game. Whenever we click join game, our teamspeak server times out, the game times out, and even our internet times out…it comes right back but nothing works. I’ve tried port forwarding, unlinking shift/steam/etc accounts, security settings, hell…anything I can find to try online and nothing seems to work. This is the same for both our machines behind my router, either one of us tries to connect to our niece and things just time out. Nor can she connect to us. I have YET to figure this out. All three of us have played many hours before, just fine…NO clue what’s causing this but it seems there was an update a while back.

The only other thing I can think of is that her account got hacked. She’s had a new character created on her side, had some vendor reward guns in her mail that had weapon cards in other languages, and has had random friends show up on her list. But even if that was the case…why would it not let us connect??

Ok, for me the problem was windows firewall. It had the game listed three times in there. I deleted them all and then started the game and chose the default action when the firewall came up and asked about it. This fixed my issue so maybe check defender’s firewall and see if BL3 is in there three times.

Only one time for me, but ima delete and try again. I had a fresh new install, but my buddy that I play with was an old install so maybe thats his issue. Ill have check. Thanks.