Connection severely unstable, can't connect to friends, and when i can, it works for 2 mins

Hi all,

Let me try to explain this.

  1. We can see each other online
  2. Sometimes invites don’t work
  3. When they do work, sometimes the following appears: Connection failed : please check network cables and config. (and yes, i’ve seen these threads before, but this is a different issue)
  4. When one of us gets 3., the only temporary fix is to go “offline” then “friends only” to update the session.
  5. When and if in a rare instance he is able to connect, it works for 2 mins, and then he gets disconnected.

We then repeat the process over again, and again and again. This is something i’ve not experienced with BL2. It either worked or it didn’t. We’re both on NAT type 2, and our party chat has been flawless, e.g. no disconnects. Other games work fine.

Is there a known problem with the servers today? I have played BL2 with this friend before without any of these issues. PSN is also not reporting any issues.

PSN is having serious problems at the moment for a lot of people and has been for a few days now :frowning:.

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Thanks for that. I’ll respond to that thread.