Connection timed out, or why can't I play with my friend all of a sudden

Sorry in advance for potato English
Up until yesterday, we could connect to each other’s games (on PC) with (almost) no issue. Now we’re just dead in the water, tried to connect for 30 minutes yesterday until finally succeeded and utterly failed today. The game displays the loading icon in the main menu, then it says “connection timed out”, sometimes followed by simple “the game session no longer exists” for subsequent attempts. Tried to restart the game/router/PC, nothing. Could someone help me out?


Me and my friend have the same problem, we are from Russia, can someone help us ??!!
We have this problem 4 days, the Game was released 9 month ago, what’s the problem to fix it??
P.S. Sorry my English.
P.P.S. When i wrote this comment we are join to each other… but the problem starts again tomorrow (it’s tru) sooo we are wating when Gearbox FIX IT, or i spend my money for bags?

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I have the same problem i got bored of the game
Wait just over 30 minutes to join
I do not expect this problem to be solved because it is not new and there is no interest for players unfortunately

Good afternoon. I want to join the discussion and add my 5 cents. Bought a game with a friend in early June and immediately stumbled upon this problem. Departures also take place in the game and then a friend cannot join the group, you have to wait half an hour. Also, with such a problem, there is no statistics on the friend’s game in Shift. It is solved by itself by multiple entry and exit from the game.
P.S. Sorry for bad English.

we are having the same problem. since the last update (mid-june?) we cant join each others game. PC, both windows 10, both same DLC.

Just to clear it up, do we all live in a Commonwealth of Independent States or Russia? Is it a regional problem or something global?


My friend and I encountered this issue after the last hotfix. After a lot of trial and error, we managed to fix it by un- and re-linking our shift accounts. I can’t say this will fix your issue too, but it might be worth a try.

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I also noticed one moment when you connect to a friend, the connection type changes to local one you can check in the upper right corner. Now we can join each other only through the selection of players in the “communication” menu

did anyone find the solution? I can’t join a friend since last 2 updates.

Problem continues. Europe zone, Steam. Tried with both Shift friend and Steam friend, no dice.

Yeah, there are multiple trouble reports on this. It’s totally broken. I’m pretty sure Gearbox broke it in the last update.

We can only get co-op to work using cross-play (Epic to Steam or vice versa). Epic to Epic and Steam to Steam seems to be jacked.

We tried everything. Restarted everything. Sent invites through the game, and through steam. Tried joining the shift profile instead of the steam one. Verified our game files. We tested another steam game to make sure it wasn’t steam, it wasn’t. So that’s when I decided to move back to epic and see. Worked on the first try. But get this; my buddy was still on steam, so cross play worked.


Me and my friend were unable to connect epic-to-epic after June 25th. 2K’s support said it’s on the internet provider so that’s a dead end (too many cases across too many countries and providers are out there). So we tried a bunch of things and worked out the algorithm that works consistently:

  1. Go to and unlink epic games.
  2. Start the game usually > enable PC crossplay > type some temporary nickname.
  3. Go to social > Shift > log in to your account > pick your username.
  4. Join the host in his lobby through Shift > continue playing.
    BTW let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

Worked for us, too. Thanks!

Hey, friend. I want to thank you for posting this solution, it worked for us. This problem was very annoying, and I couldn’t d find the answer for this problem, until I found this thread. Thank you

I tried the solution, sadly it doesn’t work for me or my friend. Any other ideas on how to fix this issue?

Is anyone else experiencing reconnect to the ShiTT services now?? can’t play in LAN and Online it just disconnects every 5 minutes.

Starting today, my friend and I who have played with one another for the past few months can’t join each other. No idea why. He’s on Steam and I’m on Epic and we never had issues before.

Hello, a friend and I were having this issue for days on an Epic -> Epic Borderlands 3 not being able to connect, we could however both connect freely to another friend who had the game on Steam.

After searching through a few pages of Google / Forums we were able to find a fix that worked for us.

Turning off IPv6 on your router MAY (hopefully) fix the issue of being able to join / host games.

We had also earlier both forwarded the appropriate ports suggested on the 2K support page (UDP: 5795-5847).

The IPv6 setting was just a Network setting for me and not a Firewall setting though it’s probably different on different modems/routers. Mine was just an enable/disable toggle.

Anyway, hope this helps.